Chris Dawson

Building Slack bots with Hubot inside a Docker playground

Date: This event took place live on May 24 2016

Presented by: Chris Dawson

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Chris Dawson demonstrates how to write a Slack bot using the Hubot framework from GitHub. You'll explore the specifics of using the Slack API with Hubot as you build a Slack bot, create custom vocabulary for your bot, and hook it up to a remote API. Chris then walks you through building tests to ensure your bot works as expected.

Getting Ready for the Webcast - Setting up Your Playground

GitHub Repository - xrd/technocrat-signal Installation instructions in the README files.

About Chris Dawson

Chris Dawson comes from a family of public school teachers. From an early age, computers provided an always fascinating and often frustrating complement to learning and teaching for Chris. Notably inconspicuous at several notable startups and technology companies like Apple, Virage and RealNetworks, Chris gratefully had the opportunity to live on three continents and experience the power and dynamism of diverse communities. As such, it is with great relish that Chris has been participating in and documenting one of the most exciting learning communities of the 21st century: GitHub. Twitter: @xrd

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