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Supercharging Mobile Performance with Service Virtualization

Date: This event took place live on September 08 2016

Presented by: Mirek Novotny

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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In an enterprise mobile application development scenario, typically you have the client application, which runs on the phone and often, will be built using new technology.

Regardless of the latest technology your mobile applications may be using, they are often dependent on third party, legacy or enterprise systems which the business has spent years integrating. The real challenge is: how do you test your applications with these legacy dependencies in mind?

In this webcast you will learn:

  • How service virtualization technology helps eliminate the waiting and late stage integration and testing issues
  • Enable easy creation of virtual services of any dependent components that may be sitting in the backend legacy or third party systems
  • See how service virtualization compress software development lifecycle by simulating the middleware and backend systems

About Mirek Novotny, Sr Product Manager for Service Virtualization – HP Software

Mirek Novotny is the Sr Product Manager for Service Virtualization at HP Software. Mirek defines the strategy, manages overall lifecycle and delivery of HP Service Virtualization to recently formed market – the product was built organically by HP Software R&D from the first line of code. HP SV launched 4 years ago and Mirek continues managing its vision, strategy and roadmap as well as overall delivery lifecycle with the goal to grow its adoption and success at customers as part of HP Software Applications Delivery Management portfolio.

Prior to joining HP Software Applications Delivery Management products team in Sunnyvale, Mirek was a member of HP Software EMEA CTO Office where he led SOA and BTO Cloud initiatives for EMEA. Mirek joined HP from Mercury Interactive and Systinet where he was responsible for product management and delivery of world class SOA products.