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Optimizing Your Microservices-based Commerce Platform for Peak Performance

Date: This event took place live on September 27 2016

Presented by: Kelly Goetsch

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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In commerce, every millisecond of additional response time costs money due to lost sales. Microservices is now the de-facto standard for commerce platforms but the distributed nature of microservices introduces challenges that can quickly kill performance. The hundreds of microservices that compose a commerce platform may be separated by thousands of milliseconds of latency, yet end-users of the platform expect responses from dozens of microservices within a few hundred milliseconds. With a little work and some proper architecture, your microservices-based commerce platform can be as or even faster than the old monolithic applications of years past.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • Patterns to avoid synchronous calls between microservices
  • Auto-scaling techniques that are specific to microservices
  • Optimal deployment patterns that make best of use modern public clouds
  • Tips up and down the stack to squeeze the last millisecond out of your response times

About Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer – Commercetools

Kelly Goetsch is Chief Product Officer at commercetools. In his role he oversees product management and product development. He comes to commercetools from Oracle, where he led their microservices initiatives. He held senior-level business and go-to-market responsibilities for key Oracle cloud products, representing nine+ figures of revenue for Oracle. Prior to this, he was a senior architect at ATG (acquired by Oracle), where he was instrumental to 31 large-scale ATG implementations. In his last years at ATG, he oversaw all of Walmart's implementations of ATG around the world. Kelly Goetsch is known as an expert for Microservices, Distributed Computing, DevOps, Multi-Master and Large Scale Commerce Platforms and has talked about these topics on several events and congresses as well as published papers on these matters. Furthermore he is the author of the best selling book on the intersection of commerce and cloud, E-Commerce in the Cloud: Bringing Elasticity to E-Commerce (O'Reilly, 2014).