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DevOps vs the Variable Internet – How to Deliver A Predictable, High Performance Service

Date: This event took place live on November 29 2016

Presented by: Andrew Sullivan, Andy Still

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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DevOps teams rely heavily on DNS to instruct internet infrastructure equipment on where to connect for a resource. But to get to that final destination you must traverse the public internet. With today's internet variability this journey can lead to unreachable destinations or endpoints, unexpected and significant performance degradations, and even redirects and hijacks that can compromise security. Current Application and Network Performance Management tools do not give the detailed internet performance insights necessary to see these internet issues let alone do anything about them.

Under these conditions it may be deemed impossible to deliver against SLAs on performance. Join us for this "Best Practices Webcast" as we demonstrate how devops managers can:

  • Best manage endpoint availability
  • Minimize service-affecting security threats
  • Mitigate performance degradation
  • Pick the best virtual partners for your service needs
  • Optimize service performance through planning
  • Reduce MTTR with integrated alerting and operations

About Andrew Sullivan, Fellow – Dyn

Dyn's focus is Internet performance. It offers services and research to monitor, analyze, control, and optimize your Internet-connected systems. As a Dyn Fellow, Andrew concentrates on architecture of Internet systems; work on Internet standards, protocols, and policy; and helps the Dyn technical staff with specialist problems when they come up.

About Andy Still, Co-Founder – Intechnica

Andy is co-founder of Intechnica, a vendor independent IT development & performance consultancy.

With over 15 years of experience in IT, Andy specialises in application architecture for high scalability and throughput. Past systems built have managed over 100,000 transactions in a minute and over £1bn in annual revenue. Andy currently works on building Intechnica's product range which has successfully maintained service for a wide range of companies during peak events.

Andy also advises Intechnica clients on how to build and maintain highly performant systems as well as on how to optimise development processes and delivery.