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Machines and the Magic of Fast Learning

Date: This event took place live on April 06 2017

Presented by: Mike Boyarski

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Human-machine interaction is no longer the exclusive province of science fiction. The advance of the internet and connected devices has inspired data scientists to create machine-learning applications to extract value from these new forms of data.

So what's the next frontier?

Join MemSQL Engineer Michael Andrews and Sr. Director Mike Boyarski to learn how to use real-time data as a vehicle for operationalizing machine-learning models. Michael and Mike will explore advanced tools, including TensorFlow, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka, and compelling use cases demonstrating the power of machine learning to effect positive change.

You will learn:

  • Top technologies for building the ideal machine-learning stack
  • How to power machine-learning applications with real-time data
  • A use case and demo of machine learning for social good

About by Mike Boyarski

Mike Boyarski is a Sr. Director at MemSQL. His experience spans enterprise data solutions, including analytics and database software platforms. He is a veteran of the data and analytics space, having worked at Oracle and Tibco before joining MemSQL.