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Trends in Performance Testing.

Date: This event took place live on June 13 2017

Presented by: Jason Benfield, Oded Keret

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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To navigate the DevOps journey, Agile software delivery, or any other transformation, you must embrace the new testing challenges and paradigms that come with the transition. Fitting performance testing in your continuous delivery process will ensure that issues will be discovered early in the development cycle, but how feasible is to test for performance with each code change? How much can you automate? Can you re-use functional test scripts for performance testing? When is it okay, if ever, to push code to production without testing for performance?

In this webcast, we will explore:

  • Integration with Agile/DevOps practices
  • Optimizing performance of applications
  • Impact of big data/IOT on performance testing

About Jason Benfield, Senior Product Manager, Application Delivery Management at HPE

Jason Benfield leads the Performance Engineering Product Management team at HPE. Prior to joining HPE, he served as the Director of Product Marketing at Blueprint. Jason has also led Agile Transformation efforts and worked as a Product Manager/Product Owner at several Fortune 500 companies (Dell, Cisco, etc.) as a Professional Services consultant. Jason spent the first half of his career in Software Development after graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

About Oded Keret, Senior Production Manager, Application Delivery Management at HPE

Oded is a Senior Product manager in the HPE Performance Engineering product group. He owns roadmap and strategy, field and customer relationship of HPE StormRunner Load. Oded is also the founder of the Board Games in Tel Aviv Meetup group, and Co-Founder of The Party™ team.