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Using artificial intelligence to fight financial crimes

Date: This event took place live on February 27 2018

Presented by: Catharine Evans, Avishkar Misra, Simon Moss

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Financial crimes remain a major ongoing cost to businesses. Whether perpetrating credit card fraud and money laundering in the banking industry, or fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare field, financial criminals relentlessly devise new attacks that batter against old defenses and all too often slip past undetected.

Analytic techniques that leverage artificial intelligence can result in dramatic improvements in financial crime detection and interdiction across diverse attack modalities. But the deployment of AI models in highly regulated industries is fraught with challenges. AI predictions must comply with relevant regulation and must integrate with existing operational systems.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • How AI has been effectively used to strengthen responses to criminal attacks, with examples from banking and healthcare
  • Best practices for ensuring that AI models comply with relevant industry regulations
  • Approaches to integrating AI models with pre-existing analytics and rules platforms


Catharine Evans, Senior Public Healthcare Consultant

Catharine Evans is an experienced business and technology consultant specializing in healthcare reform, Medicare, Medicaid, clinical health information exchange and public healthcare fraud. Catharine has not only a wealth of technical knowledge, but also a deep understanding of the policy and business environment effecting Federal and State health projects. With over 15 years of experience working on large scale technology projects Catharine has helped government agencies to understand and implement legislatively required changes to their Human Services infrastructure. Catharine has most recently been working to address public healthcare fraud and developing techniques to combat the opioid epidemic.

Simon Moss, VP Industry Consulting and Solutions, Americas at Teradata

Simon Moss has extensive leadership and entrepreneurial experience in banking and financial technology. He was most recently a Managing Director at Grant Thornton responsible for FinTech in the Americas. He was Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Mantas Corporation, leading the company to become a market leader in global anti-money laundering and compliance technology, as well as to its sale to Oracle for $127 million in cash. Other experience includes founding the IBM Risk Management Practice, Partner at PWC, and involvement on multiple Technology Company Boards of Directors.

Avishkar Misra, Practice Director - Data Science & Analytics, Americas at Teradata

Avishkar (Avi) Misra leads the Data Science & Analytics Practice in the Americas that helps customers realize the promise of machine learning and artificial intelligence to grow their business. He has researched, built and deployed machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligent (AI) systems across a variety of domains and industries - including advertising and recommendation systems at Amazon, as well as the checkout-free AmazonGo store. He has a passion for making machines smarter, people better informed and AI & ML accessible. You can learn more about his work and interests from his blog at a-misra.com.