Carla Schroder

Control a World of Computers From Your Linux PC

Date: This event took place live on March 20 2008

Presented by: Carla Schroder

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In this webinar, Carla Schroder, columnist, blogger, and author of the Linux Cookbook and Linux Networking Cookbook, covers the finer points of secure remote graphical administration from your Linux PC, showing how to run graphical applications, your favorite desktop, remote helpdesk, and even control a Windows machine from Linux. It's been said that any sysadmin would benefit from Carla Schroder's know-how. This is your chance to get it first-hand.

What people are saying about Carla Schroder's books:

"As a dba, I'm constantly looking to learn more about networking and system administration. Both can have quite an impact on the performance of my piece of the puzzle. A welcome addition to the materials to help me learn about networking is Carla Schroder's Linux Networking Cookbook. This book is just right for the person like myself who enjoys learning by getting hands-on experience with the technology. The scope is wide and so someone with a great depth of networking experience may find that the treatments of each is a bit shallow. On the other hand, that wide scope means this book may hold something new, even for someone with some level of experience."
-- JR Peck, Slashdot

"In her book, Schroder delivers exactly what she promises: recipes for creating tasty and useful Linux and TCP/IP networking setups...Not only did Schroder clearly explain how to use RIP and OSPF, but she also set out in a way anyone could understand when it's better to use one over the other. She also did an excellent job of explaining one of the greatest pains ever faced by a Windows/Linux network administrator—getting Linux systems to work with Active Directory...Schroder writes in a very straightforward and clear manner. When things get complicated, and they always do in networking, she sticks to the main thread while pointing you toward other chapters or documents, as needed, if you find yourself sidetracked by another problem. I appreciate this. I've read too many technical books where, in trying to give you all the information you might need, the writer ends up losing me in the details...If what you want is a clear guide to using Linux open-source software to create solutions for such common network requirements as creating a Linux-based Wi-Fi access point or modem server, using SSH (Secure Shell) for network management or making a firewall, this book is for you. It is one of the best practical guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading on making real-world answers to Linux networking requirements. "
-- Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Linux-Watch