Jonathan Zdziarski

Getting the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain

Date: This event took place live on April 03 2008

Presented by: Jonathan Zdziarski

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In this webcast, Jonathan A. Zdziarski, one of the original hackers of the iPhone and author of iPhone Open Application Development will demonstrate how you can use the iPhone open source tool chain to design third-party software that will run on this popular device. Jonathan will demonstrate on a Mac running Leopard.

Introducing Jonathan will be Brian Jepson, executive editor for Make Magazine's Make:Books series, co-author of Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks and a number of other geeky books, and iPhone hacker at large.

This is your opportunity to hear expert advice on building applications for the iPhone and ask questions of the experts themselves.

About Jonathan Zdziarski

Jonathan Zdziarski is better known in the hacker community as "NerveGas". He has played a key role in opening the iPhone's environment to third-party software development, and is hailed on many geek news sites for cracking this device and leading the effort to write the first open source applications. Jonathan was the first to develop an application that takes full advantage of the major iPhone APIs with, a portable Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

Jonathan is also a full-time research scientist and longtime mobile hacker. Prior to the iPhone, Jonathan was well known for uncovering vulnerabilities in Verizon's online systems and hacking popular Verizon phones to restore functionality once crippled by the communications behemoth.