Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline

database technology expert and author

Nashville, Tennessee

Areas of Expertise:

  • Enterprise database management
  • SQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft
  • Quest Software
  • business intelligence
  • speaking
  • teaching
  • training
  • management
  • process improvement
  • enterprise architecture
  • application architecture
  • board governance and leadership
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert and software industry veteran. A long-time Microsoft SQL Server MVP and noted leader in the IT industry, Kevin is a founder and former president of the Professional Association for SQL Server and the author of popular IT books like SQL in a Nutshell. Kevin is a top-rated speaker at industry trade shows worldwide. He tweets at @kekline and blogs at His IT leadership blog is

SQL in a Nutshell SQL in a Nutshell
by Kevin Kline, Daniel Kline, Brand Hunt
Third Edition November 2008
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $35.99

SQL in a Nutshell SQL in a Nutshell
by Kevin Kline
September 2004
Ebook: $35.99

Transact-SQL Programming Transact-SQL Programming
by Kevin Kline, Lee Gould, Andrew Zanevsky
April 1999
Print: $49.95

Kevin blogs at:

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"If you are a developer and you want to succeed, you would do good to get this for your desk. "
--Shawn Melton, Melton DBA, etc.

"...a handy reference for veteran database professionals. "
--Bob Moss, Linux Format, May 2009

"From how commands are implemented in MS SQL Server 2008 to an alphabetical reference of the ANSI SQL2003 functions, this reference picks up where vender documentation ends and is a key acquisition for any library catering to professional database administrators and developers."
--Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"The book is not focused on databases and SQL from a specific vendor, but gives great data and comparisons of commands and queries using ANSI SQL (SQL2003, aka SQL3) and then adjusting as needed for MySQL 5.1, Oracle 11g, PostgreSQL 8.2.1, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. If you are responsible for moving data from one vendor’s product to another, or if you are responsible for databases from multiple vendors, this book could be a Godsend. Really, if you only use one of these products, the book is still a great value. "
--Matthew Helmke,

"For the vast majority of us that work in the database world, this is the reference...when one wants to know quickly about SQL statements and functions, I can't think of a better resource."
--JR Peck,

"Developers and programmers will find this most useful as a comparative guide, especially in environments using different relational databases."
--Carol Bean, The Tech Static

"In sum, reference text prove their value by the battering they take. SQL in a Nutshell first edition has certainly won that badge of honor many times over. I know the 2nd edition is fast earning top battering marks. If you are into database, particularly cross platform database this tome will save a ton of time."
--Jacques Surveyer, The Open Sourcery