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For 10 years, O’Reilly has delivered lead gen and thought leadership for hundreds of tech’s most prominent companies. We’re in a unique position to match your current marketing initiatives with the right technical content to get your brand and products in front of key decision makers—and get results fast.

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Lead gen that delivers

Give your prospects access to the most trusted technical content in the industry. Choose an O’Reilly animal book, report, or early release title that aligns with your product. Then gate it on your site, put it to market, and watch as quality leads quickly ramp toward your goals—and likely past them.

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Generate leads from a live and captivated audience

O’Reilly Superstreams are like bite-size virtual tech conferences available from anywhere. Sponsor a live session that includes a presentation from your organization to share thought leadership with an engaged audience. Attendees can opt-in to request more information, and you can host your presentation behind a firewalled page for additional lead gen. Postevent reporting helps you uncover even more potential market opportunities. Download more details.

Drive better adoption through certifications

Want your prospects to adopt your product faster? Create a certification guide and make it available to all 2.5 million O’Reilly members. They get a direct path to official prep materials, confidence-building exercises, and practice exams. And you get a whole lot of buzz about your offering.

Get in front of an audience that matters

Develop custom integrated campaigns to get your company and thought leaders in front of O’Reilly’s audience. It’s 2.5 million technical experts exploring the latest in cloud, AI, data science, infrastructure, and software development. O’Reilly content is trusted by over 60% of Fortune 100 companies, who are all poised to get answers and guidance from you.

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