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Gordon Meyer

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Chicago, Illinois

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Gordon Meyer is a Chicago-based writer and speaker who has authored dozens of software manuals, numerous articles for Macintosh users and technical writers, and Smart Home Hacks, a leading book on do-it-yourself home automation techniques.

Smart Home Hacks Smart Home Hacks
by Gordon Meyer
October 2004
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

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EyeTV, the paperless office, and more

June 29 2008

In which I pass one some additional tips about past subjects, point out some interesting links, and say farewell for time being. read more

High-end Mac-based Home Automation

June 17 2008

If a Mac-based home automation system is on your wish list, but you don't want to hassle with your own configuration and installation, Savant has an impressive system just for you. read more

One week with Periscope

June 07 2008

If you want to use your iSight-equipped Mac to keep an eye on your home, Periscope provides a solution. Learn about how it worked for me during a recent vacation. read more

Make your Screen Saver Informative

June 07 2008

The new Status Screen Saver, thanks to some very clever programming, lets you add personalized status information atop your favorite screen saver. Just the thing for keeping an eye on your Mac, your home, or nearly anything else. read more

Reach out with ASProxy

May 30 2008

Integrating your Mac with the real world requires a way to get signals from sensors. The ASProxy utility provides an easy method for triggering AppleScript programs using serially-connected devices. read more

Upgrade Your Brain

May 11 2008

Can your Mac make your smarter? I put three different "Flash Card" programs to the test and tell you what I found. Luckily, there are good ones to choose from. read more

Thinking Home is Back

May 11 2008

Thinking Home, an award-winning home automation application from the Mac's past, returns with an all-new version. Its tradition of easy and friendly setup continues, and it has new tricks, too. read more

Indigo 3 Simplifies Home Automation

May 11 2008

The new version of Indigo, a Mac home automation program, offers many new features and improvements. But don't overlook some of the more obscure gems, such as the three that I find most interesting. read more

Home Office Envy

April 29 2008

If you've got a problem to solve, nothing beats seeing how others have tackled it for themselves. My question is how do I best configure a home office to accommodate multiple, large displays? The answer, it turns out, is found by peeking into the private workspaces of others. read more

Timely Travel Info in Your Pocket

April 28 2008

Summer travel beckons, and here's how to make sure your trips to the airport are correctly timed. read more

Cidney - Distributed Caller ID for Macintosh

April 15 2008

A new application for capturing Caller ID information from you phone line offer some very interesting advanced features. read more

A peek inside an automated home

April 10 2008

Curious about how advanced hobbyist-level home automation is accomplished? Two brief and well-written articles give you a peek into the types of things you can accomplish by combining logic and Macintosh know-how. read more

Relief for Mac-based Ceiva Customers

April 04 2008

The Ceiva digital photo frame is old school, but a simple way to distribute photographs to far-flung relatives. After a long period of neglect, Ceiva has recently released an iPhoto plug-in. read more

Meet Hazel

March 31 2008

Overwhelmed with URLs that friends, family, and co-workers had sent me to, I was shocked to find that my "to be visited" folder had over 150 items, some nearly two years old. So, I called Hazel. read more

Proxify your home

March 23 2008

Square one for automating tasks is to get acquainted with a powerful and flexible scheduling program. There are several to choose from, but a good place to start is Proxi, it's proven quite handy in my home and office. read more

Standalone Home Automation

March 14 2008

If you want to try home automation but dislike the idea of having a computer controlling your home, and turned on all the time, then a standalone controller is what you seek. The latest controller is supported on the Mac, so what are you waiting for? read more

Mac technology for "Aging in Place"

March 08 2008

As the baby boomers get older, an industry for using technology to monitor seniors at home is emerging. You can buy a packaged solution, or roll your own, but either way you might just find some peace of mind. read more

Remotely controlling your home from within

March 02 2008

You're resting comfortably on the couch at home. You need to do something on your Mac. Perhaps run an application or change to a different iTunes playlist. Can you do it without standing up and walking to your computer? Of course you can. Here's how... read more

Touch your home from the web

February 21 2008

If you have a home automation that you want to control while you're away, via the web, Mac software developers are ready to help you out. And can iPhone solutions be far behind? read more

One week with EyeTV

February 17 2008

I haven't tried EyeTV recently, but the newest version convinced me to dive in again, and the results have been quite good. But you'll want to purchase carefully if you're thinking of buying right now. read more

Sonar for your Home

February 10 2008

The availability of small, inexpensive sonar rangefinders creates new opportunities to make your home smarter. Discover two ideas for putting them to use, as well as how to use them with your Mac. read more

Quiet your Home with Ambient Noise

February 02 2008

Are you driven to distraction by noise? Software solutions promise to help you concentrate, and maybe even lift your mood, by generating ambient noises that mask what bothers you. I've been using one, with pretty good success. read more

My Paperless Office revisited

January 22 2008

Since I last wrote about my paperless home office, there are a few tips and changes that I want to call to your attention. read more

The Insomniac Mac

January 18 2008

Sometimes you really want to keep your Mac awake. Here are two solutions that promise to help. read more

MW Expo news for Smart Homes

January 14 2008

What Macworld Expo products are you looking to add to your home or home office? Here's what has caught my eye, how about you? read more

Going mobile with PasswordWallet

January 14 2008

Let's face it, the number passwords we all have to keep track of is growing rapidly. And I frequently find that I need to know a password when I'm away from my computer. PasswordWallet lets you carry your passwords, securely, on your iPhone. read more

PhoneValet & iPhone: Instant Landline Voice Mail

January 07 2008

Combining iPhone with PhoneValet gives you easy, nearly instant access to voice mail messages left at your home or office. read more

Holiday goodies for your Mac

December 19 2007

When your Mac is central to your home, it only seems natural to decorate it for the holidays. Historically, the Mac has enjoyed lots of creative holiday-themed enhancements, and Mac OS X continues the tradition. read more

Shion - Simple INSTEON for Mac homes

December 18 2007

Shion brings open source INSTEON control to the Mac. Let one thousand flowers bloom. read more

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"Smart Home Hacks leaves no stone unturned. From what to purchase to how to use your remote control, it's the ultimate guide to understanding and implementing complete or partial home automation."
--Shield & Diamond, a journal of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity