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Andrew Savikas is the CEO at Safari Books Online. He sits on several boards, including the Book Industry Study Group, and is on advisory boards for Bookshare and the University of Michigan Press.

Previously, Andrew led the digital publishing and ebook program and strategy for O'Reilly Media as VP of Digital Initiatives, and was a Program Chair for the Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. He speaks frequently on digital publishing and ebooks, and is also the author of "Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text".

Word Hacks Word Hacks
by Andrew Savikas
November 2004
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.99

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Nearly 800 O'Reilly and Microsoft Press titles now available in iBookstore

October 12 2010

Ebooks are already a big part of our publishing business, and we know many of those ebooks are read on iOS devices. Having those ebooks available for sale in the iBookstore makes it even easier to find, buy, and read hundreds of O'Reilly and Microsoft Press titles on iOS devices. read more

Neat visualization of download ratios for ebook formats offered by O'Reilly

October 01 2010

We track the ebook formats customers actually download, and from the start PDF has been the dominant choice. But as this post's associated chart shows, there's been a steady shift toward other formats. read more

Amazon building its own Android App Market?

September 29 2010

While the carriers see the Android Market as an opportunity to build tightly-controlled versions of the Market, non-exclusivity opens the door for companies that (a) know retailing and merchandising much better than Google, (b) aren't in the awkward position of having to play nice with the carriers, and (c) have… read more

Nearly 1,000 additional O'Reilly and Microsoft Press ebooks now available in Kindle Store

September 22 2010

Nearly 1,000 additional O'Reilly and Microsoft Press ebooks are now available in the Kindle store, and include a special upgrade offer for access to additional formats and free lifetime updates through for $4.99. read more

O'Reilly ebook bundles now include DAISY talking book format

September 08 2010

More than 800 O'Reilly titles are now available in DAISY format. If you've already bought an ebook, you can find the DAISY files on your account page. read more

Yes the iPad is sexy, but global sales are the real ebook growth news

May 07 2010

A deep look at the ebook growth opportunities in global markets and how direct sales can offset print book cannibalization. read more

Africa's "Gutenberg Moment?"

January 05 2010

This post from Publishing Perspectives about publishing in Africa came in over the break, and it's worth a look: Five years later, [Muhtar] Bakare is still a confident believer in the power of the internet to revolutionize the African publishing industry. “The internet is our own Gutenberg moment,” he told… read more

Android Rising: O'Reilly Android Apps Gaining Ground on iPhone

December 23 2009

O'Reilly sells apps in both the iPhone App Store and the Android Market. Most apps (for now) are just app presentations of our ebooks, built using ereader apps popular on each platform (Stanza on iPhone, Aldiko on Android). That means many of our apps are essentially the same on each… read more

Can't Get Approval for your App? Sell the Source Code

July 21 2009

We just released 17 O'Reilly books as standalone iPhone Apps (The Twitter Book looks fantastic -- and as a bonus #hashtags in the text are clickable), and so I've been looking at various options for monitoring sales and popularity (AppViz, AppFigures, and MajicRank have proven quite useful), and was eager… read more

Scribd Store a Welcome Addition to Ebook Market (and 650 O'Reilly Titles Included)

May 18 2009

The document-sharing site Scribd has launched a new "Scribd Store" selling view and download access to documents and books. As part of the launch, there are now more than 650 O'Reilly ebooks now available for preview and sale in the Scribd store, and all include DRM-free PDF downloads with purchase.… read more

O'Reilly Labs: RDF For All of Our Books, Plus Bookworm Ebook Reader

February 10 2009

There's more details on the Labs blog, but timed with our Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, we've opened up RDF metadata for all of our books, and have also brought the open source Bookworm ebook reader into O'Reilly Labs. It's a great way to read any of our ebooks… read more

O'Reilly Ebook Bundles Now Available

July 16 2008

As promised last month, O'Reilly has released 30 titles as DRM-free downloadable ebook bundles. The bundles include three ebook formats (EPUB, PDF, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket) for a single price -- at or below the book's cover price. And for a bit more than the cover price, you can get the… read more

Select O'Reilly Books Soon on Kindle, and as Digital Ebook Bundles

June 20 2008

Update: On his New York Times blog, David Pogue has noted O'Reilly's pilot in the context of the recent discussion prompted his column on ebooks and piracy (which brought insightful responses from Adam Engst and  Mike Masnick, along with a follow up from David). Ebooks are certainly nothing new for… read more

Amazon Accused of Anti-Trust Violations "Tied" to Print-On-Demand Terms

May 19 2008

Amazon's March announcement that POD publishers would be required to use Amazon's own POD service BookSurge in order to sell books directly on Amazon's site predictably rubbed quite a few folks the wrong way. (Technically speaking, publishers can use alternative POD providers, but must then provide Amazon with an inventory… read more

When Authors Ask Us About the Consequences of "Piracy"

April 28 2008

Over on the Tools of Change for Publishing blog, I've reprinted a great exchange from the Radar backchannel addressing an author's concerns about seeing his books gain steam on PirateBay. Here's Nat's take: Fantastic! There's absolutely nothing you can do about it, and unless you see sales dipping off then… read more

Amazon Gets Demanding with Print-on-Demand Publishers

March 29 2008

We often hold up Amazon as an example of one of the original Web 2.0 companies. Their survival amid the tech meltdown was driven largely by the value of the data they'd acquired through thousands of reader reviews, recommendations, and "people who bought this bought that" collaborative fil read more

TOC Conference just around the corner

January 24 2008

On the Radar backchannel today, Make's Phil Torrone shared a link about how author Paulo Coelho has "pirated" his own book using file sharing, with surprising results: [U]ploading the Russian translation of “The Alchemist” made his sales in Russia go... read more

Shelfari and the New Social Contract

November 13 2007

The high value we've come to place in reputation on the Web is underscored in several ways by the recent dustup  over Shelfari. In short, Shelfari is being called out (primarily, but definitely not exclusively, by Tim Spalding, of competitor... read more

A Word of Warning about Microsoft Live Writer

October 10 2007

I know, I know, that's what I get for using beta software (from Microsoft no less), but might I recommend that if you choose to try out Windows Live Writer, that you decline when it offers to try and download... read more

NY Times Ends Subscription-only Access

September 17 2007

After two years (to the day, actually), the Times is (finally) opening up its entire site to all readers, ending the "TimesSelect" subscription program: In addition to opening the entire site to all readers, The Times will also make available... read more

CFP Open for TOC 2008, Feb. 11-13 in New York

September 10 2007

The CFP for O'Reilly's second Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) is now open. The conference will be held in New York this time, February 11-13, 2008. Proposals are due by October 1, 2007. We're building on the success... read more

Microsoft Open XML Failed ISO Bid Makes Big News

September 05 2007

Microsoft's failed bid to make its "Open XML" format an ISO standard was certainly newsworthy, though it was slightly surprising to see it covered in detail in the Wall Street Journal, and to hear about it this evening on MarketPlace.... read more

eBooks with that "old book" smell

August 23 2007

During the TOC Conference in June, keynoter Manolis Kelaidis talked about how much he loved the feel and smell of books, even those on his shelf that he's never read. A compelling case for the codex form factor. Now comes... read more

Grandma definitely gets MySpace

August 18 2007

A popular piece of advice teens are given about sharing their lives online in places like MySpace is "don't put up anything that you wouldn't want your grandma to see". So I was rather amused to learn today that my... read more

Authors Still Want Publishers

August 16 2007

O'Reilly author Scott Berkun has a great piece on his blog in response to a common question authors get asked: "How do you write a book?" One part that jumped out at me was his comments on finding a publisher:... read more

Guest Blog: Teens Weigh in on Changes in Publishing, Media

July 25 2007

As I talked with Elizabeth Spitz and Cristina Sadurni -- both headed into their senior years in high school -- about some of the changes and challenges going on in publishing (particularly around how difficult reaching them has become, especially for newspapers), their comments and feedback were too interesting and… read more

Harry Potter's no Magic for Publishers, Retailers

June 27 2007

At last week's inaugural O'Reilly TOC Conference, Tim showed the audience one of his favorite slides, which included a quote from innovation guru Clay Christensen: When an industry becomes commoditized, value simply migrates to adjacent levels. Tim refers to this... read more

TOC Day 3: Parallels between software development and content development

June 21 2007

During a session this afternoon at TOC on "Beta Books" Tonya Engst talked about how they treat the versions of their books much like versions of software -- version 1.1, version 1.2, etc. Their beta/early-access program is just an extension... read more

Notes from TOC on the future of print

June 20 2007

As you might expect at a conference on the future of publishing, a common discussion running through many of the keynotes and conversations here has been the future of print in a digital world. What I hadn't expected is the... read more

Lessons from the Amp'd bankruptcy

June 06 2007

The blogosphere's been abuzz about Amp'd Mobile's Chapter 11 filing in the wake of a "liquidity crisis". GigaOM cited a company statement blaming inadequate systems: As a result of our rapid growth, our back-end infrastructure was unable to keep up... read more

Science and Nature rejecting Word 2007 Manuscripts

June 04 2007

Courtesy of Undernews (thanks to Adam Witwer for passing along the link), it seems that both Nature and Science won't accept manuscripts authored in Word 2007. This validates the experience we've been seeing here at O'Reilly, with unexpected inconsistencies and... read more

Financial Hacking -- Giving Creative Accounting a Good Name

April 20 2007

The subject of the next edition of Release 2.0, available next week, is the collision between Wall Street markets and Web 2.0 markets. The intersection between technology and finance is a busy one, and there might just be some hacker spirit hiding behind those suits. read more

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