Bill Burke

Bill Burke is a Fellow at the JBoss division of REd Hat Inc. A long time JBoss contributor and architect, his current project is RESTEasy, RESTful Web Services for Java.

RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0 RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0
by Bill Burke
Second Edition November 2013
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1
by Andrew Lee Rubinger , Bill Burke
Sixth Edition September 2010
Print: $54.99
Ebook: $43.99

RESTful Java with JAX-RS RESTful Java with JAX-RS
by Bill Burke
November 2009

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0
by Richard Monson-Haefel , Bill Burke
Fifth Edition May 2006
Ebook: $39.99

Enterprise JavaBeans Enterprise JavaBeans
by Richard Monson-Haefel , Bill Burke , Sacha Labourey
Fourth Edition June 2004

Bill blogs at:

Resteasy 3.0.7.Final Released

March 31 2014

Ron fixed a few bugs in validation. Netty improvements. A few other bug fixes here and there. As usual, follow links from to download and view documentation and release notes. read more

Enterprise Dev with GWT, Java EE, and Errai

March 13 2014

Here’s an interesting testimonial on using GWT, Java EE, and Errai to build an application. “When I stumbled upon Errai, I was re-introduced to JEE.  We had previously explored a variety of backend frameworks, including Spring and most recently Guice.  I was instantly amazed and attracted to the simplicity and… read more

Keycloak Alpha 3 Released

March 12 2014

Another big feature release for Keycloak.  As usual, go to to find documentation and download links.  Here are the highlights of Alpha 3: Minimal support for OpenID Connect.  Claims like email, full name, etc. can now be transmitted and viewed with IDToken passed after login. Configurable allowed claims.  What… read more

April talk on Keycloak

March 10 2014

I’ll be doing a talk on Keycloak April 17th at Devnation in San Francisco.  Devnation is running the same time as Red Hat summit and JUDCon.  I should be around earlier in the week too.  For those that suffer through all my “errs” and “uhms”, I’ll be giving away 2… read more

Project Hammock: Undertow + Resteasy + Weld

February 27 2014

John Ament, a long time lurker on resteasy-dev list has put together a lightweight combination of Undertow + Resteasy + Weld called Hammock.  We’ve gotten in some PRs from him to help make this a reality, hope to get more.  I’m hoping somebody puts together this combination with Netty too… read more

Keycloak Alpha 2 Released

February 20 2014

Check out the new Keycloak Blog for details. read more

Apple innovations I’d like to see

January 26 2014

Waterproof iPhone.  Lost 2 iphones last year to water damage.  Got so pissed I switch to the Galaxy 4 to get waterproof phone.  Android was a piece of shit, I couldn’t get used to it.  After 2 months I went back to the iphone.  (The form factor of the Galaxy… read more

Keycloak SSO Released – Alpha 1

January 23 2014

Keycloak is an SSO authentication server and appliance for securing web applications and RESTful web services.  After 7 months of hard work, the Keycloak team (Bill Burke, Stian Thorgersen, Gabriel Cardoso, Viliam Rockai, Alexandre Mendonca, and Bolesław Dawidowicz) is proud to announce our first release, Alpha-1!  There’s still a lot… read more