Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan Oxer is the founder and technical director of Internet Vision Technologies in Australia, as well as the past president of Linux Australia, the national organization for Linux users, developers, and vendors.

Ubuntu Hacks Ubuntu Hacks
by Kyle Rankin, Jonathan Oxer, Bill Childers
June 2006
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

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Pop-up factory

May 29 2015

Attend O’Reilly’s Solid Conference, June 23–25, in San Francisco. Solid, O’Reilly’s conference exploring how the collision of software and hardware is fueling the creation of a software-enhanced, networked physical world, will feature a radical demonstration: a live, pop-up electronics factory. … read more

Happy Birthday To Me: Reviews of Some Toys I’ve Recently Gotten

May 29 2015

My birthday was in April, so in the "Happy Birthday To Me" spirit, I'll consider anything interesting I've acquired in the last few months a birthday present to myself. Much of it is related to cycling, which I've been getting into. Anyway, here are some mini reviews on some of… read more

"I found the book to be well written. The code examples are short and to the point, well explained and presented in a step-by-step format."
--Kenneth Bernard, Peninsula Linux Users' Group

"Ubuntu Hacks goes beyond the basic Ubuntu features to add additional functionality that can be added with a little help from an experienced Linux user. The reader can pick and choose from 100 Hacks those that meet his needs...This sampling of hacks illustrates the broad range of subjects covered. Anyone using Ubuntu who wants to go beyond the basics will be well served by this book. Highly recommended."
--Pim Borman, SW Indiana PC Users Group, Inc.

"Ubuntu HACKS is a good book for beginning to intermediate users, the only level I can comment on with my present skills. The hacks range from simple to very complex but all seem doable by a patient and careful user...It will help do interesting things with Ubuntu and make use of some of Ubuntu’s available power. As my skills with Ubuntu grow, this book will be used often. It is a good addition to my growing Linux library."
--Earl Violet, Tuscan Computer Society