Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Michael Clark is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel, and landscape photography. His editorial and corporate clients include National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Outside, Men's Journal, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Climbing, Nike, Nikon, Adobe, Patagonia, Pfizer and DuPont to name just a few. He has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, and mountain bikers pushing their sports to the limit in remote locations around the world.

As a former physicist Michael has worked on both sides of the technical revolution -- helping refine the technology and using it for his current profession. Michael has worked as a professional photographer since 1996 and added digital photography to his repertoire in 2003. While Michael still shoots some film, mostly medium format, the lion's share of his images are now produced with high-resolution digital cameras. He has been featured in Outdoor Photographer (September 2001) and Nikon World Magazine (Summer 2006) for his work with extreme sports. Starting in 2006, Michael also partnered with the Santa Fe Digital Darkroom to create a series of custom workshops.

You can learn more about Michael and his work at www.michaelclarkphoto.com.

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Synchronizing two cameras in Lightroom

February 04 2009

Recently, I had some trouble synchronizing images shot from with three different digital cameras when I imported them into Lightroom. As it turned out one of my cameras was not set to the correct time or time zone and this... read more

The Gradient Tool

January 02 2009

First off, it is great to see Inside Lightroom continue with so many fresh and insightful blog posts. Kudos to Brad, Bob, Brandon, Gene, Steve, Mark and Jao for fanning the flames to keep this website going. The Adobe engineers... read more

Digital Photography: Where do we go from here?

October 04 2008

In an effort to keep this blog going I thought I'd submit another excerpt from my newsletters. This article was originally published in the Fall 2007 issue of my newsletter and that issue is available online here. Basically this is... read more

An excerpt from my latest Newsletter

September 07 2008

I just thought I would post an excerpt from my latest newsletter on the improvements in Lightroom 2.0. You can download the newsletter on my website here. The newsletters are free and back issues are also available on my website... read more

Lightroom eBook on Adobe Website

August 31 2008

Adobe has been kind enough to feature my Lightroom workflow eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographers Workflow on the Adobe website. It is a great honor to be included with other excellent Lightroom books by such well known authors... read more

Web Sharpening in Lightroom 2.0

August 24 2008

While the Web module in Lightroom 1.4.1 was useful, it lacked any output sharpening which would have made the large preview images a bit snappier. Many folks didn't seem to miss this feature but as a photographer who wants to... read more

Adobe Camera Profiles and Lightroom

August 14 2008

I have talked to several photographers that have asked if there is a way to preserve the look of their images as they appeared on the back of their camera once they are loaded into Lightroom. In the past, this... read more

Pop Up Menus

August 11 2008

Yet another great little shortcut trick is switching from one folder to another by right clicking on the Filmstrip. As in the image at right I wanted to move to a folder that I had worked in recently and... read more

Lightroom 2: The Digital Asset Management Tool

August 04 2008

For a number of years I have been looking for a complete Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool. A DAM tool is a piece of software that helps download, rename, backup, rate, group, catalog, filter, archive and keep track of all... read more

A Logical Editing Process

July 27 2008

I know I have covered bits and pieces of my editing process in Lightroom in several different posts. I thought I would sum it up here... I normally get back into the office, download and import the images, add metadata... read more

Lightroom, MediaStorm and SoundSlides: The future of Photojournalism

July 21 2008

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Bob Sacha from MediaStorm (www.mediastorm.org) about the state of the photography industry, where it is going and how photographers can differentiate themselves from the pack - the pack which is getting huge... read more

Recovering Highlights, Histograms and your Camera

July 14 2008

In light of Steve Simon's excellent post over on the Inside Aperture blog I thought I would delve into this topic (with a little different twist). In Lightroom, it is a simple task to recover highlight information in any image... read more

Finding Inspiration

July 07 2008

With James Duncan Davidson's article about George Jardine leaving Adobe I thought I would publish here that article on Finding Inspiration that was published in my last newsletter, enjoy. Finding Inspiration As published in the Michael Clark Photography Spring 2008... read more

A Metadata Example

June 28 2008

One of the confusing topics I get a lot of questions about is metadata - what is really needed and where do I put what? The answer to that question is it depends. It depends on if you are a... read more

Working Up Film Scans in Lightroom

June 21 2008

One of the great features of Lightroom is that it can work with tiff and jpeg files as well as raw files. Because of this feature, a few years ago I thought I'd try working up film scans I made... read more

Less is More

June 15 2008

Over the years as I have worked with film scans, then raw images captured with DSLR cameras one of the interesting things I have found to be true is that the more you "tweak" or adjust an image in Photoshop... read more

Making Images Pop!

June 09 2008

The Saturation and its cousin the Vibrancy slider are the two main tools one would use to saturate the colors in an image. The Vibrancy slider was one of those revolutionary tools that helped make Lightroom an indispensable tool for... read more

A Master Catalog Idea

June 02 2008

As professional photographers who are always in need of a good cataloging and archival strategy - we continually strive for one setup that is scalable and would work for our needs. And I think, speaking for many, we would love... read more

An Editing Trick

May 24 2008

Editing thousands of images is a daunting task. Usually when I get back from a shoot I am, like every other photographer, anxious to see what I got. I can normally tell within a few minutes what the real winners... read more

The most underrated Tool in Lightroom

May 18 2008

While processing images form a recent kayaking photo shoot I was amazed at the difference using the Fill Light slider made to my images. I was shooting images of expert kayakers on the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico and... read more

Chromatic Aberration Tricks

May 10 2008

It is amazing how often Chromatic Aberration (CA) shows up in my images. I think this is just a testament to how hard the high resolution digital sensors push our modern optics. And I have the best Nikkor glass available... read more

Controlling Dialog Panels

May 04 2008

Another tidbit I found in Julieanne Kost’s recent Lightroom seminar here in Santa Fe is a method to control the multiple dialog panels in any module of Lightroom. Especially if you are working on a laptop it can sometimes... read more

Dealing with Pop-up Panels

April 26 2008

I often work with Lightroom in Full screen mode and also have either the right or left panel hidden to maximize the view of the image and one of the annoying things with the panels is that they inadvertently pop... read more

Clarity in Lightroom 2 Beta

April 20 2008

One of the wild new features of Lightroom 2 Beta that I overlooked until now is that one can go negative with the Clarity slider. You'll notice that the default position of the Clarity slider is now in the... read more

Web Sharpening in Lightroom 2 Beta

April 15 2008

After last weeks post on my five favorite new features in Lightroom 2 Beta, I thought I would spend a little more time on the new web sharpening feature. While this is a small upgrade for the web module -... read more

Lightroom 2 Beta - Five Favorite New Features

April 05 2008

In last week's blog I was looking over the fence at Apple's Aperture 2.0 and noted that it might give us a glimpse of things to come with Lightroom - and well, it did. The good news is that Lightroom... read more

Looking over the Fence

March 30 2008

I have spent several hours playing with Apple Aperture 2.0 this past weekend and I have to say I am impressed with all of the improvements Apple has made to the Lightroom competitor. I am also glad to see that... read more

The sRGB Conundrum

March 24 2008

Exporting images out of Lightroom is one of the simplest tasks imaginable. But what you may not realize or have thought about is what happens when you export images in a color space other than ProPhoto RGB. I bring this... read more

The Option Key

March 17 2008

I don't recall any other bloggers posting here about the incredible usefulness of the option key in conjunction with several sliders in the Develop Module of Lightroom. This is a well known "trick" of the trade and a huge reason... read more

Quicksand, Turva and working with Lightroom in remote locations...

March 10 2008

I am finally back from Patagonia (southern Chile) and it seems there are a lot of comments on my last four blog posts which were written over a month ago before I left. I'll be responding to those comments as... read more

The Nikon D300, Noise and Lightroom

February 24 2008

I recently purchased the new Nikon D300 for an assignment in Patagonia covering an adventure race. I have read so many good things about the D300 that I figured it would soon supercede my Nikon D2x. And well, I was... read more

Folder Naming Conventions

February 08 2008

While speaking with Steve Yadzinski, a colleague of mine lately, who also happens to be a top Photoshop retoucher, it became clear just how important folder naming conventions are in Lightroom. I cannot stress enough how important it is to... read more

14-bit capture and Lightroom

February 07 2008

The latest batch of digital SLRs on the market are fitted for the most part with 14-bit sensors. There have been a few websites out there running tests on the difference between 14-bit and 12-bit capture. And while some have... read more

How you shoot depends on how you process

February 04 2008

In every workshop I've taught since the dawn of digital, one of the things I have told my students is that to get the best quality images you have to know how you are going to process your images to... read more

Lightroom and 1:1 Previews

February 03 2008

If you have been reading my blog posts this past year then you have heard me say quite a few times that building 1:1 previews in Lightroom will help speed up the editing process drastically. I say that because it... read more

Revisiting SlideShowPro for Lightroom

January 28 2008

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the new SlideShowPro plug-in for Lightroom. Since that blog post I have gotten a chance to play around with SlideShowPro quite a bit and I have completely revamped my photography website... read more

Workflow bottlenecks...

January 21 2008

Now that Lightroom has been on the market for almost a year, I find myself taking it for granted. My digital workflow has been solidly established with Lightroom as the centerpiece. And with the addition of a new zippy Apple... read more

Storage Solutions for Photographers

January 14 2008

In last weeks blog I asked for feedback and the topic with the most requests was storage solutions. So I thought this week I would cover my storage solution for my images and business files. Back in November 2007 I... read more

Feedback...and the latest batch of DSLRs

January 07 2008

Once a week when I sit down to write a blog post for the Inside Lightroom site I struggle to come up with interesting topics - after all in the last year I have written over 50 blog posts and... read more

Working with Lightroom on the Road

December 31 2007

As a pro photographer I am sometimes called to upload images the same day they are shot - it isn't often that this is required but every once in a while a few assignments require it. One of the very... read more

Revisiting the XMP Sidecar Option

December 24 2007

While hanging out with my good friend Nevada Wier last week, we talked about Lightroom and some tricks she learned while teaching her last photo workshop in India with George Jardine, the Adobe Lightroom evangelist. One of the options she... read more

The argument for a ProPhoto RGB Workflow

December 17 2007

I might be opening a huge can of worms here and I am sure this will generate quite a bit of user comments but with Lightroom I think this is very applicable. In a previous post I talked about what... read more

SlideShowPro and Lightroom 1.3.1

December 17 2007

Last week, Dominey Design, the makers of SlideShowPro, announced that they have created a new version of the popular slideshow software that works within Lightroom. Ever curious to find new ways of using Lightroom I downloaded a copy of the... read more

SlideShowPro and Lightroom 1.3.1

December 10 2007

Last week, Dominy Design, the makers of SlideShowPro, announced that they have created a new version of the popular slideshow software that works within Lightroom. Ever curious to find new ways of using Lightroom I downloaded a copy of the... read more

Ramblings on digital photography and workflow

December 03 2007

This week I was reminded of my old workflow when I first started shooting with digital SLR cameras. I was late to jump into the digital game - starting with a Nikon D70 back in 2003. I dipped my toes... read more

Ramblings on digital photography and workflow

December 03 2007

This week I was reminded of my old workflow when I first started shooting with digital SLR cameras. I was late to jump into the digital game - starting with a Nikon D70 back in 2003. I dipped my toes... read more

Five new features I'd love to see in Lightroom

November 26 2007

This week as I was thinking about a topic for this blog I remembered some features that I would like to see in a future version of Lightroom and I thought I would share those with you. Of course all... read more

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