Dominique James

Dominique James

Dominique James ( is one of Asia’s finest portrait, fashion, advertising and commercial photographers based in Manila, Philippines. He is one of the first and among the few Apple Certified Professionals and Apple Certified Trainers for Aperture in Asia. He is also an Epson Stylus Pro Photographer. Dominique James is a sought-after speaker and regularly conducts seminars, lectures and workshops on photography and Apple's Aperture all over Southeast Asia. In Manila, he is an instructor at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (

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The portable Aperture

December 12 2007

I am in Chicago this week, doing a photo shoot for the campaign of Fusion. Fusion is a new yoga school partly owned and operated by my good friend, a yoga master and instructor, Juanita Monaghan. The past two months,... read more

Turning back the hands of time

December 04 2007

I'm feeling a little nostalgic. It's probably because I am thinking forward, and anticipating the annual MacWorld Expo & Conference happening in January '08. In any case, come with me and let's stroll down memory lane. We have time, believe... read more

Fishing for information

November 27 2007

I follow a simple, straightforward and consistent workflow. And it goes like this: after selecting my best shots and after applying enhancements using Aperture, I bring them one by one to Adobe Photoshop CS3 for localized editing, and then save... read more

Removing the photographer's "pain points" with Aperture

November 20 2007

The first time I heard and paid attention to the term “pain points" was at an Aperture conference held in Laos, Cambodia. I was part of a group of hand-picked professional photographers from different Asian countries. We were selected to... read more

iPhone, Leopard and Aperture: Putting it all together now

November 13 2007

Much of the talk last week and this week focused on Apple's iPhone. Only a few days ago, and with a software update of 1.1.2, it became officially available in Europe. This is the first time that the mobile device... read more

Aperture Photo Browser in Mail

November 08 2007

In Leopard, and with the latest version of Aperture, it is easier and faster than ever to email photos that are inside Aperture. You don't even need to open Aperture to do it. You can email photos from your Aperrture... read more

Aperture 2.0: Is it coming soon?

October 30 2007

With the recent introduction of Leopard, Aperture was incrementally updated to version 1.5.6. Both were released on the same day. In this Aperture update, Apple introduced fixes aiming to make it work seamlessly with the new operating software and to... read more

With Leopard, what's really the next, next thing for Aperture?

October 27 2007

Now that Leopard, the new cat from Cupertino, is out, what's the next, next thing for Aperture? Well, quickly following its feline footstep is a new version of Aperture. Aperture is now version 1.5.6. According to the Apple website, this... read more

GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Apple's Aperture

October 23 2007

You can now get from Apple's Aperture download page, a new free export plug-in that allows you to directly connect to the GLOBALedit website. If you are already using GLOBALedit, or you are considering of using GLOBALedit, and you are... read more

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