Dan McCreary

Dan McCreary is an enterprise data architecture consultant with over 25 years of experience. He worked for Bell Labs, Steve Jobs (at NeXT Computer) and owned his own consulting company with over 75 employees. He has been active in establishing XML standards in the areas of Criminal Justice, Education, Taxation, Real Estate, Banking, and Insurance. He is interested in all things XML, metadata management, data governance, the semantic web, and enterprise data strategy development. He has a special fondness for XForms, REST, and native XML databases.

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Towards a Plugin Architecture for XRX Web Applications

February 24 2009

The growth of XRX web application architectures is driving the need for a new generation of web applications standards beyond the scope of the current XQuery specification. These standards promise to allow non-programmers to quickly assemble new web sites from libraries of pre-built XRX applications. read more

How Entity Extraction is Fueling the Semantic Web Fire

February 23 2009

New OpenSource Entity Extraction programs are becoming easier than ever for non-programmers to use. Apache UIMA is one example of a revolutionary technology that will make it easier then ever for non-programmers to tap the power of the Semantic Web. read more

Your Social Network *IS* Your Computer

November 18 2008

Social networking software is making trust more transparent to the user of a service. It is creating a new paradigm shift in computing: it allows people to just use resources without worrying about trust issues. Building your social network and integrating social network trust data into your application will be… read more

Warning: x = x + 1 May Be Hazardous to Your Brain

November 17 2008

Many people that are just starting in their software career have not been exposed to the contrast between two very different approaches to solving server side scalability issues. And although efficiently using 100 CPUs is not critical today, in the next five years it will become critical for a projects… read more

Five RESTful Friends

November 11 2008

Sometimes in computing, as in life, we are surrounded by friends that are standing by to help us. But unless we are aware our friends exist and we give them the information they need to help us, we will not be able to take advantage of their services. Here is… read more

Creating Bullet Bars with Google Charts

November 09 2008

Using Google Charts REST interface it easy to create bullet bar dashboard indicators without using excessive screen area. read more

XRX and Context Delivery Architecture

November 06 2008

What if your web applications could all be quickly customized based on needs of a specific person, role or group? What if you could start out with one general form but it could be easly customized for different roles, groups or class of users? We call these forms CoDA (for… read more

Content Routing in XRX

November 02 2008

In the past I used to think that the internet routers and database management systems were separate systems and didn't share many of the same design patters. Routers routed information to different locations based on the content of the data... read more

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