Christian Crumlish

Christian Crumlish

writer, product guy, information architect, designer, social being

Palo Alto, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • design
  • information architecture
  • social design
  • strategy
  • interaction design
  • user experience
  • design patterns
  • pattern languages
  • patterns
  • social patterns
  • social design patterns
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Christian Crumlish leads product and user experience teams to deliver amazing cross-channel experiences. He is director of product at CloudOn, co-chairs the monthly BayCHI program and has been director of messaging products for AOL, curator of the Yahoo design pattern library, and director of the Information Architecture Institute. He is the author of the bestselling The Internet for Busy People, and The Power of Many, and co-author most recently of Designing Social Interfaces with Erin Malone. He has spoken at BarCamp, BayCHI, South by Southwest, the IA Summit, Ignite, Web 2.0 Expo, PLoP, IDEA, Interaction, Web Directions, the Web App Masters Tour, the Italian IA Summit, and UX Lisbon, and Web Visions in Sydney, Tokyo, and London (@media).

Designing Social Interfaces Designing Social Interfaces
by Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone
September 2009
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

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Open for Business - Designing Social Interfaces

November 19 2009

This is an excerpt from Designing Social Interfaces. From the creators of Yahoo!'s Design Pattern Library, Designing Social Interfaces provides you with more than 100 patterns, principles, and best practices, along with salient advice for many of the common challenges you'll face when starting a social website. Christian Crumlish and… read more

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"While you could read this text cover-to-cover as a narrative, it is, in my opinion, best used as a reference, placed near at hand and consulted often as you work through projects. In fact, as a reference text, I believe there are very few books that provide better information about creating usable and engaging interfaces...The book is an excellent resource."
--Armando Roggio, eCommerce Developer

"This guidebook to Social Web and Mobile Interface Patterns will become the Standard Excellent Reference Work for Web Design Studios executing Social Applications. "
--Ira Laefsky,