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O'Reilly Radar 2018

November 5–6, 2018

Mission Bay Conference Center, 

San Francisco, CA

O'Reilly Radar 2018

You’re exclusively invited to join us for a complimentary gathering of ideas, insights, inspiration, and practical strategies designed to help business leaders better understand the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow—then confidently embrace the new opportunities technology will create. It only takes two days to find out what the future holds…and how to get there first.

Innovation and Disruption

Learn how to survive—and thrive—in a business environment driven by constant change, endemic disruption, and flash-in-the-pan fads. Discover the tools, trends, and context necessary for making better decisions about technology, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and become more discerning about which innovations merit your attention.

Future of the Firm

The legacy factors that affected transaction costs when Coase developed the theory behind his Nobel Prize-winning paper “The Nature of the Firm” in the ‘30s are shifting like never before. Everything from new organizational structures and payment schemes to new expectations, skills, and tools will change the future of the firm, transforming recruitment, retention, and the nature of work itself. Be among the first to find out how it will happen.


Does the infrastructure that supports your digital presence allow for feature agility and testing, the ability to scale exponentially, and the use of optimal technology tools? If not, your competitors’ probably do. See how companies are using the cloud and next-generation architectures to keep up with changing markets and anticipate expectations. This includes shifts from capital to operational expenses, fixed to scalable resources, and more.

Next Economy

Join us as we chart a course from the tech-driven economy of today to the “next” economy that strikes a better balance between people and automation. An economy where market, organizational, and regulatory decisions align with incentives, and are made with the goal of more widespread access to prosperity in mind.

November 5–6, 2018

Mission Bay Conference Center
, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for making our inaugural O’Reilly Radar event such a great success.

Understand the now. Prepare for the next. Plan for what’s beyond.

From AI and Blockchain, to cloud computing, and the changing face of your workforce, we’ll dig into the most pressing topics you’re facing now, and prepare you to confidently plan for your company’s future. See you in San Francisco!

Jessica Green
Jessica Green | Phylagen CEO

Where Do Things Actually Come From? Microbiome Data and AI Can Tell Us

By combining microbiome technology with AI, we can uncover invisible patterns across objects, materials, and places to track how things move around the world.

Cat Posey
Cat Posey | Capital One Senior Director, Emerging Technology

Emerging Tech: An Organizational Imperative

Find out how the only bank to fully commit to a cloud-based infrastructure manages the organizational, resource, and process challenges that come with being first.

Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong | EY Global Chief Innovation Officer

Digital Transformation Writ Large

Learn how an old-world firm leveraged technology to transform everything and thrive in our new world of continuous change— anticipating, scaling, and adapting to meet internal needs and client expectations.

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin | Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP Founder and Principal

The New World of Work

How do the workers of tomorrow differ from today’s teams, and what do they need to help your company succeed? Explore how technology can be used to leverage the power of your most important asset—your people.

John Donahoe
John Donahoe | ServiceNow President and CEO

Applying a New Model…Successfully

Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others have reset users’ software expectations. Traditional business applications seem stuck in another century. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Kimberly Nevala
Kimberly Nevala | SAS Director Business Strategies

In Data We Trust

Join us to explore the intersection of trust (including privacy and ethics) and technology. Learn how a focus on people and the willingness to embrace ambiguity and acknowledge risk is vital to establishing trust and adoption of data-driven solutions.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O’Reilly | O’Reilly Media Founder and CEO

Preparing for the Next Economy

AI, blockchain, on-demand marketplaces, drone delivery, the changing nature of work, hypercompetition from digital platforms, cybersecurity, and new business risks—it’s enough to make a CEO’s head spin. But there is one master rule for success in the Next Economy: don’t use technology to replace people; use it to augment them so they can do things that were previously impossible.

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