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Online learning to sharpen their tech skills

Online learning to sharpen their tech skills

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O’Reilly makes it easy for your employees to build the skills to take your company to the next level, with topics that range from marketing and management training to technology—through live online training courses, books, videos, interactive tutorials, and more. Plus, you can keep track of your organization’s progress with our in-depth reporting and insights tools.

We’ve been sharing the knowledge of innovators for over 40 years. Your team has access to that insight with our new expert playlists—handpicked collections from industry leaders that give your team the answers they need, all in one place. And they’re just one of the ways they can get up to speed, fast, on what will matter tomorrow.

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Here’s what employees at top companies are learning

With the O’Reilly insights dashboard, you can compare your team’s engagement with topics like these against the competition. Learn more

  • Data

    • Machine Learning
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Visualization
  • Business

    • Agile
    • Product Management
    • Team Management
  • Programming

    • Python
    • Blockchain
    • Software Architecture
  • IT & Systems

    • DevOps
    • AWS
    • Docker
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A Leader’s Mandate

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