Joshua-Michele Ross

The Evangelist's Toolkit: A field guide to bringing social technologies into your organization

Date: This event took place live on September 30 2008

Presented by: Joshua-Michele Ross

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: Free

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While it has become cliché to talk about how much the Internet and the Social Web have changed business, what has been less well explored is how traditional (meaning non-Internet native) businesses successfully adopt new technologies such as social networks, communities, blogs etc. Traditional business has to cope with significant hurdles when they approach creating or implementing a Social Web strategy; resistance from senior management, organizing structures that predate the Internet, different employee profile and skill sets etc. In this information packed session, Joshua-Michéle Ross takes learning from the field and shows you how to become an effective Social Web evangelist.

This webcast will explore how to:

  • Make the case: how to bring Web 2.0 concepts into your organization (including convincing upper management)
  • Fail Forward Fast: how to create effective pilot programs without losing your head (or your job)
  • Spread the gospel: The key ingredients that make a successful Web 2.0 evangelist

Based on direct consulting experience, and backed by O'Reilly's thought leadership on Web 2.0, this seminar is for executives and professionals looking to harness the power of the Social Web in their organizations.

About Joshua Ross

Joshua-Michéle Ross, vice president of O'Reilly InPractice, has been consulting with businesses on digital strategy for over a decade. During that time, he has overseen the launch of dozens of highly successful, enterprise-class ecommerce sites, exchange platforms, and community sites. He has worked extensively with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on strategy and governance planning for ebusiness.

Joshua comes with a deep background in online marketing and communications, utilizing emerging social media technologies--community, blogging, virtual worlds, and WOM, among others-to deliver highly successful, sustainable marketing strategies. His focus over the last three years has been on applying Web 2.0 principles to deliver competitive advantage to Global 2000 clients, from new business model development to customer engagement and communication strategies. Joshua has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University on information design and human factors, and has spoken at conferences related to technology and digital strategy. Past clients include Washington Mutual, Accenture, Best Buy, Autodesk, and Polycom. Joshua holds a degree with honors in Chinese Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.