Joshua-Michele Ross

Joshua-Michele Ross

Josh has spent over 10 years consulting on digital business strategy. His focus over the last four years has been on applying Web 2.0 principles to deliver competitive advantage (from new business model development to customer engagement and communication strategies). Mr. Ross has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University and has spoken at conferences related to technology and digital strategy around the world. Past clients include Washington Mutual, Accenture, Best Buy, Autodesk, and Polycom.

Joshua holds a degree with honors in Chinese Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Abandon Stocks, Embrace Flows - A Conversation with John Hagel

October 23 2009

John Hagel spoke yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit on the panel, Web Squared and the Economy of Work... read more

Google Analytics for the Real World: A Conversation with Sharon Biggar of Path Intelligence

October 12 2009

In preparation for the upcoming Web 2.0 Summit I am posting a few conversations with attendees that embody the Web Squared Theme. Path Intelligence uses sensor technology to understand shopping behavior in retail spaces by detecting and tracking the RF signals from mobile phones. As Sharon Biggar, co-founder, succinctly puts… read more

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Webcast: Creating Your Social Media Policy
July 30, 2009
This webcast will review guidelines for corporations considering how to responsibly integrate social media in the workplace. After delivering the framework, Joshua will open the webcast to a Q&A discussion.

Webcast: Reconsidering Social Media
May 27, 2009
This webcast will be highly interactive; a short explanation of Joshua-Michele Ross' points as detailed in his four-part article series on the Radar Blog - followed by open Q&A and Debate.

Webcast - The Evangelist's Toolkit: A field guide to bringing social technologies into your organization
September 30, 2008
While it has become cliché to talk about how much the Internet and the Social Web have changed business, what has been less well explored is how traditional (meaning non-Internet native) businesses successfully adopt new technologies such as social...

Webcast: Success Factors: What traditional business really needs to know about Web 2.0
July 21, 2008