Katie Cunningham

Accessibility Handbook: Making 508-Compliant Websites

Date: This event took place live on December 07 2012

Presented by: Katie Cunningham

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Several audiences have difficulty using today's complex websites, including people with blindness, hearing loss, physical disabilities, and cognitive disorders. In this webcast, Katie Cunningham, author of the "Accessibility Handbook: Making 508 Compliant Websites" talks about the world of accessibility and assistive technologies.

We will discuss:

  • What it means to be accessible?
  • Who does it cover?
  • What tools can developers and designers use to make accessible websites?
  • Why should they worry about accessibility?

About Katie Cunningham

Katie Cunningham is a Python developer at Cox Media Group. She's a fervent advocate for Python, Open Source Software, and a web that's accessible for everyone. She's a frequent speaker at open source conferences such as PyCon and DjangoCon, speaking on beginners topics such as someone's first site in the cloud, and making 508 compliant websites.

She also helps organize PyLadies in the DC area, a program designed to increase diversity in the Python community. She has taught classes for the organization, bringing novices from instillation to writing their first app in 48 hours.

Katie is an active blogger at her website (https://therealkatie.net), covering issues such as Python, accessibility, and the trials and tribulations of working from home.

Katie lives in the DC area with her husband and two children.