Katie Cunningham

Katie Cunningham

Python and Django developer, accessibility advocate

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Woodbridge, Virginia

Areas of Expertise:

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Katie Cunningham is a Python and Django developer for Cox Media Group by day, and is currently writing a book on 508 compliance and accessibility by night. While she had always had an interest in programming, it didn't turn into a career until she started to work at NASA. There, she slowly transitioned from gathering requirements to developing full time, advocating the use of more open source in the government sector.

It was at NASA that she gained an interest in 508 compliance. At first, she was only interested in getting her applications through QA faster. Over time, however, she gained a passion for a web that was easy for everyone to use. Now in the private sector, she is championing compliance even for websites that don't require it by law.

She currently lives just outside of Washington, DC with her husband, two children, and a very barky dog.

Accessibility Handbook Accessibility Handbook
by Katie Cunningham
September 2012
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $16.99

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June 01 2014

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May 25 2014

This year, I did something different for NaNoWriMo. I realized on October 31st that I wasn’t going to have an idea for a story this year, and that I didn’t want to work on something that I’d already started. So I decided to do something completely different: 50,000 words of… read more

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May 25 2014

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May 18 2014

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May 18 2014

I don’t do resolutions. I don’t have anything against them, but they do feel like daring the universe to throw distractions and impediments your way. The few years I’ve made them, I’ve had some ridiculous results. Plan to lose weight? Get pregnant. Decide to spend more time on my hobbies? Get a… read more

Webcast: Accessibility Handbook: Making 508-Compliant Websites
December 07, 2012
In this webcast, Katie Cunningham, author of the Accessibility Handbook: Making 508 Compliant Websites talks about the world of accessibility and assistive technologies.