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Reach the Cloud with Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Novetta Entity Analytics and Amazon Web Services

Date: This event took place live on September 01 2015

Presented by: Jennifer Reed, Camil Samaha

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Let's face it, combining, managing and using data to get the necessary answers when they're needed hasn't been the easiest or most straight forward task. There are significant challenges throughout the processes of storing, organizing, categorizing, processing, analyzing, and reporting on data.

Many organizations have a challenge dealing with customer data across the enterprise. We'll tackle that head-on and address ways to better understand the data and contexts used to store information about customers, figure out when the data is referring to the same customer and identifying how those customers are related. Quality entity resolution and advanced context awareness enable data analytics to shine.

Join Novetta Director of Product Management, Jennifer Reed and Amazon Web Services Manager, Solutions Architecture, Camil Samaha to learn how organizations can use their Big Data to answer critical business questions, make data-centric business decisions, inform and analyze targeted marketing campaigns, detect and assess threats and fraud, and analyze risk.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the following:

  • Value delivered to enterprises across markets such as Energy, Financial Services, Global Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance and Retail
  • Use cases around Customer Loyalty, Fraud Detection, and Security Threat Assessment
  • Best practices in getting started
  • Advantages of building and delivering solutions such as Novetta's Entity Analytics via Amazon Web Services on the AWS platform

About Camil Samaha, Manager, Solutions Architects at Amazon Web Services

Camil Samaha is a Solutions Architecture Manager for Amazon Web Services Worldwide Public Sector Partners. Mr. Samaha is responsible for supporting the sales and business development team in shaping and delivering integrated cloud strategies for our valued public sector partners. AWS' rich partner ecosystem plays a key role enabling government and education customers to leverage AWS cloud solutions. Prior to joining AWS, Mr. Samaha served Intrex Inc. for thirteen years as a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He was responsible for the successful execution of the company's business mission through the development and deployment of the technical infrastructure and services. Prior to joining Intrex, Mr. Samaha worked for Thomson Technology Services Group and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for six years as a Senior Network Engineer. He graduated, with honors, from North Carolina State University with a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1991 and 1990 respectively.

About Jennifer Reed, Director of Product Management, Novetta

Jenn Reed is responsible for defining and implementing product strategy for Novetta Entity Analytics. In this role, she provides oversight of technical and marketing strategy for the product and establishes and maintains relationships with clients, partners, and analysts, seeking new market opportunities. Jenn joined Novetta after serving as a Senior Product Manager at IBM, where she was responsible for overseeing MDM strategy for Big Data, including unstructured data correlation, for which she was a co-inventor, and entity resolution on Hadoop. With more than 20 years of technical expertise and background in financial services and government, Jennifer is passionate about turning that knowledge into easier to implement solutions that solve the highly complex, real-world needs of Big Data customers.