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From Idea to Prototype

Date: This event took place live on June 21 2016

Presented by: Jon Bruner, Brian Jepson, Chris Meringolo

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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If you've been curious about Raspberry Pi, and were afraid it may be some foodie’s next dessert sensation, then this is your opportunity to step out of the shadows and experience a hands-on opportunity to see what the Internet of Things actually means..

In a condensed version of our IoT tutorial presented at LiveWorx, you will connect a sensor, create an application for it, and then experience it in augmented reality. Working alongside experts from O’Reilly and PTC, and using the ThingWorx® IoT platform and Vuforia™ augmented reality technology, you’ll take your idea to a prototype in no time.

About Jon Bruner, Director, Hardware Practice Area – O'Reilly Media

Jon Bruner oversees O'Reilly's publications on hardware, the Internet of Things, manufacturing, and electronics, and has been program chair along with Joi Ito of the O'Reilly Solid conference, focused on the intersection between software and the physical world.

Before coming to O'Reilly, he was data editor at Forbes Magazine, where he combined writing and programming to approach a broad variety of subjects, from the operation of the Columbia River's dams to migration within the United States. He studied mathematics and economics at the University of Chicago and lives in San Francisco, where he can occasionally be found at the console of a pipe organ.

About Brian Jepson, Acquisitions Editor – O'Reilly Media

Brian Jepson is an Acquisitions Editor for O'Reilly Media who focuses on hardware, the Internet of Things, and Digital Fabrication. He's also the co-organizer of Providence Geeks, a founding member of the National Maker Faire planning and production team, and co-producer of the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire. He's also been involved in various ways over the years with AS220, a non-profit arts center in Providence, Rhode Island. AS220 gives Rhode Island artists uncensored and unjuried forums for their work and also provides galleries, performance space, fabrication facilities, and live/work space.

About Chris Meringolo, Software Development Engineer – PTC

Chris Meringolo, Software Development Engineer at PTC, is a six year veteran of the IoT industry. He spends his days coming up with ideas to apply IoT technology to different industries utilizing the ThingWorx® platform. Meringolo thinks a lot about the intersection of our physical world and the digital realm and how the two worlds are quickly colliding. He's generally interested in Robotics, Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. In his spare time he makes all kinds of things, some of his favorites are beer, electronics and wood projects.