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Brian Jepson

hacker, artist, editor

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Kingston, Rhode Island

Areas of Expertise:

  • Perl
  • Microcontrollers
  • Arduino
  • Mac OS X
  • SQL
Brian Jepson is an editor with Maker Media (publisher of MAKE magazine) and co-organizer of Providence Geeks and the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire. He's also been involved in various ways over the years with AS220, a non-profit arts center in Providence, Rhode Island. AS220 gives Rhode Island artists uncensored and unjuried forums for their work and also provides galleries, performance space, fabrication facilities, and live/work space.

Beginning NFC Beginning NFC
by Tom Igoe, Brian Jepson, Don Coleman
January 2014
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $25.99

Learn to Solder Learn to Solder
by Gregory Hayes, Brian Jepson, Tyler Moskowite
May 2012
Print: $3.99
Ebook: $2.99

Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard) Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard)
by Ernest E. Rothman, Brian Jepson, Rich Rosen
Fourth Edition September 2008
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks
by Brian Jepson, Ernest E. Rothman
Third Edition June 2005
Ebook: $27.99

Linux Unwired Linux Unwired
by Roger Weeks, Edd Dumbill, Brian Jepson
April 2004
Print: $24.95

Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
by Brian Jepson, Ernest E. Rothman
Second Edition February 2004

Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther
by Dave Taylor, Brian Jepson
December 2003

Learning Unix for Mac OS X Learning Unix for Mac OS X
by Dave Taylor, Brian Jepson
Second Edition December 2002

Mac OS X for Unix Geeks Mac OS X for Unix Geeks
by Brian Jepson, Ernest E. Rothman
September 2002
Ebook: $19.99

Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition
by Erik Olson, Brian Jepson, Dick Hardt, David Futato
August 1998

Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition
by Larry Wall, Ellen Siever, Nathan Patwardhan, Brian Jepson, David Futato
November 1997

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Sensors and Arduino: How to glue them together

August 01 2012

Federico Lucifredi (@federico_II) is the maintainer of man(1) and also the author of the upcoming book, Sensor Interfaces for Arduino. We had a chance to sit down recently and talk about how to connect sensors to microcontrollers (in particular Arduino). … read more

MakerBot, an inexpensive, easy-to-build 3D printer

June 12 2009

I just saw this piece in the weekly print edition of the Christian Science Monitor. It's a great overview of a lot of the offerings out there. In Your idea, "printed" in 3-D, Jesse Emspak writes: At its heart, this... read more

Verizon Mi-Fi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

June 05 2009

The folks at Verizon Wireless and Weber Shandwick Worldwide sent me a review unit of the Verizon Mi-Fi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. It's a great device that combines the broad coverage of EV-DO (the 3G cellular data system used by Verizon... read more

Android Cupcake 1.5 available for dev phones

April 27 2009

Via the Android Blogging Network, I learned that HTC released new firmware for the Android Dev Phone 1 with the long-awaited "Cupcake" (1.5) version of the Android operating system. The installation isn't too tricky, but you should read it... read more

Google Web Toolkit on Mac OS X

May 20 2006

The download page says Linux or Windows... read more

The Give it a Good Whack School of Tech Support?

May 01 2006

My first Genius Bar experience. read more

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Webcast: Beginning NFC with PhoneGap and Arduino
April 29, 2014
Don Coleman, Tom Igoe, and Brian Jepson (authors of Beginning NFC ) will introduce you to Near Field Communication using Android phones, Arduino, and NFC readers for computers and Arduino.

Webcast: First Steps with Arduino
June 16, 2010
In this webcast, Brian Jepson will introduce the basics of Arduino, the open source electronics prototyping platform. You'll learn what Arduino is, where to get one, and how to connect electronic components to it. You'll also learn how to write simple...

"Success in publising depends upon knowing your potential readers and meeting their needs. Seldom has a book illustrated this principle so clearly as Mac OS X for UNIX Geeks. Within the first page we learn how to change the behavior of bash to conform to POSIX 1003, I standard. By this point the casual browser knows exactly whether they will purchase the book or not. "
--Gavin Inglis, UKUUG Newsletter March 2009

"It's a fast read that assumes--as the title implies--rather a lot of UNIX knowledge. With that requirement satisfied and this book in hand, you're likely to discover aspects of Aqua more quickly than you otherwise would have."
--Mirko Zorz, (IN) SECURE Magazine

"Mac OS X for Unix Geeks is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in tapping into the power behind OS X, from geeks to firmly established command-line pros."
--Chris Seibold, author of Big Book of Apple Hacks

"For those attracted to the Mac in its Unix-based OS X incarnation, an O'Reilly title, Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks, provides insights into the workings of OS X in a *nix environment and discusses compatability issues for Linux users...In the Terminal (Mac-speak for the command line) there is a wealth of Unix shells, tools, and applications. The book covers them all and provides plenty of example code and tabulated information."
--Major Keary, Book News