Joseph Adler

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Silicon Valley, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Hadoop
  • sports
  • data
  • machine learning
  • R
  • statistics
  • security
  • cryptography
  • product management
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Joseph Adler has many years of experience in data mining and data analysis at companies including LinkedIn, Netflix and VeriSign. He graduated from MIT with an Sc.B and M.Eng in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He is the inventor of several patents for computer security and cryptography, and the author of Baseball Hacks and R in a Nutshell. Currently, he leads product management at Interana, a stealth startup in Palo Alto.

R in a Nutshell R in a Nutshell
by Joseph Adler
Second Edition October 2012
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $41.99

R in a Nutshell R in a Nutshell
by Joseph Adler
January 2010

Baseball Hacks Baseball Hacks
by Joseph Adler
January 2006
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $19.99

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Lookup Performance in R

March 12 2010

Recently, I became interested in maximizing lookup performance in R. Many problems require looking up values in tables. I decided to perform some tests to show how different lookup mechanisms performed in R. If you're not familiar with R, here's... read more

What types of statistical analysis do scientists use most often?

January 15 2010

Over the past few decades, statisticians have developed some very sophisticated modeling techniques for finding patterns in data sets. Today, I stumbled on a great analysis of what statistical methods academic bioinformatics researchers use most frequently. It turns out that they rely mostly on simple methods. read more

Using R to answer a football question

December 16 2009

Last Monday night, I was watching the Ravens playing the Packers at Green Bay. Mostly, I was watching penalties. This game featured an astounding number of penalty calls: 23 calls, 310 yards. I wondered whether penalties really affect the outcome of football games. Here's what I figured out in 15… read more

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"The book deserves the strongest recommendation as a comprehensive resource for learning R and more importantly, as a highly practical guide on how to conduct data analysis professionally."
--Chee Kian Leong, Journal of Statistical Software, August 2010, Volume 36, Book Review 2

"I am pleased to report that Adler has risen to the challenge of the highly-regarded “Nutshell” franchise. As is traditional for the series, this title mixes introduction, tutorial, and reference material in a style that is well suited to a reader who already has a background in programming, but is a new or occasional user of R...As a long-time O’Reilly reader, I see Joseph Adler’s R in a Nutshell as a welcome addition to the menagerie."
--Joel Neely, Sliding up the banister

"This book is a superb intro­duc­tion to the tool, but it also serves the func­tion of handy desktop com­pan­ion for explor­ing further."
--Shawn Day, randomosity

"Are you a baseball aficionado or fanatic who is interested in statistics and want to know how to load this data into a database for analysis? If you are, then this book is for you! Author Joseph Adler has done an outstanding job of writing a book about how to watch, research, and understand baseball...This most excellent book is an instruction manual for the free baseball databases. More importantly, this book is a cookbook for baseball research."
--John Vacca,