Four short links
Four short links
  1. Notqmail -- Collaborative open source successor to qmail.
  2. The Encryption Debate is Over—Dead at the Hands of Facebook (Forbes) -- Facebook’s model entirely bypasses the encryption debate by globalizing the current practice of compromising devices by building those encryption bypasses directly into the communications clients themselves and deploying what amounts to machine-based wiretaps to billions of users at once.
  3. Why Ethics Cannot be Replaced by the UDHR -- Ethics and the UDHR are on the same page, if we keep it general. But questions about what is the right thing to do or what policy is the right one to implement become challenging only when these dearly held values conflict, necessarily involving trade-offs. When we dive deep, the UDHR is simply unable to guide us on those questions. Solving such challenges is the job of ethical reasoning.
  4. Operating a Large, Distributed System in a Reliable Way: Practices I Learned (Gergely Orosz) -- This post is the collection of the practices I've found useful to reliably operate a large system at Uber, while working here. Generalizable beyond Uber.
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