The Animal Menagerie

What's that animal on the front of your O'Reilly book? You'll find it listed here. Learn more about our animal magnetism in:

Animal Books

PMS Color 
Book Title
PMS 301C .NET and XML Canadian geese
PMS 301C .NET Framework Essentials Shrimp
PMS 301C .NET My Services Essentials Thorny oyster
PMS 254C 2001 P2P Networking Overview Porpoise
PMS Reflex Blue 802.11 Security Indian ringnecked parakeet
PMS Reflex Blue 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide Horseshoe bat
PMS 301C Access Cookbook  Tamandua mexicana (Northern anteater)
PMS 301C Access Database Design & Programming Anteater
PMS 3272C ActionScript Cookbook Crab-eating opossum
PMS 3272C ActionScript for Flash MX Pocket Reference Siren
PMS 3272C ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide Siren
PMS 301C Active Directory Cat & kitten
PMS 301C ADO: ActiveX Data Objects Ivory-billed woodpecker
PMS 301C ADO.NET Cookbook White spoonbill
PMS 313C Advanced Perl Programming Panther
PMS 2607C Ant: The Definitive Guide Horny toad
PMS 3272C Apache Cookbook Moose
PMS 3272C Apache Pocket Reference Apallousa Horse
PMS 3272C Apache: The Definitive Guide Apallousa Horse
PMS 2725C Applescript: The Definitive Guide Boston terrier
PMS 246C Applying RCS and SCCS Racoons
PMS 301C ASP.NET Cookbook Thorny woodcock
PMS Reflex Blue BEEP: The Definitive Guide Coyote
PMS 3298C Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics Tadpoles
PMS Reflex Blue BGP Antelope
PMS 3298C BLAST Coelacanth
PMS 2725C Building Cocoa Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide Mastiff
PMS 3272C Building Database-Driven Web Sites with Dreamweaver MX 2004 Cobra
PMS 2607C Building Java Enterprise Applications Vol. I: Architecture Kangaroo rat
PMS 2607C Building Java Enterprise Applications Vol. II: Web Applications Kangaroo rat
PMS 165C Building Oracle XML Applications Peacock butterfly
PMS Reflex Blue Building Wireless Community Networks Carolina parakeets
PMS 246C C Pocket Reference Cow
PMS 301C C# & VB.NET Conversion Pocket Reference Black-headed gull
PMS 301C C# Cookbook Garter snake
PMS 301C C# Essentials Mole
PMS 301C C# Language Pocket Reference African crowned crane
PMS 246C C++ Pocket Reference Chipmunk
PMS 246C C++ The Core Language Coati
PMS 3272C Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide Salmon
PMS 313C CGI Programming with Perl Mouse
PMS 246C Checking C Programs with Lint Kiwi
PMS Reflex Blue Cisco Cookbook Black jaguar
PMS Reflex Blue Cisco IOS Access Lists Domestic ass
PMS 032C CJKV Information Processing Blowfish
PMS 2725C Cocoa Design Patterns Staghound
PMS 301C COM and .NET Component Services Eels
PMS 301C COM+ Programming with Visual Basic Minnows
PMS 313C Computer Science & Perl Programming: Best of the Perl Journal Camel
PMS 3272C Content Syndication with RSS Kestrel
PMS 3272C Creating Applications with Mozilla Frilled lizard
PMS 301C Crossing Platforms: A Macintosh / Windows Phrasebook Rabbit & frog
PMS 3272C CSS Pocket Reference Salmon
PMS 246C CVS Pocket Reference Sheep
PMS 2607C Database Programming with JDBC and Java Springbok
PMS 301C Designing Active Server Pages Night monkey
PMS 301C Designing and Programming CICS Applications Gyr falcon
PMS 246C Designing Embedded Hardware Porcelain crab
PMS Reflex Blue Designing Large-Scale LANs Reindeer
PMS 301C Developing ASP Components Snake
PMS 3298C Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills C. elegans
PMS 301C DHCP for Windows 2000 Frilled coquette hummingbird
PMS Reflex Blue DNS and BIND Cookbook Opossum
PMS Reflex Blue DNS and BIND Grasshopper
PMS 301C DNS on Windows 2000 Raven
PMS 3272C DocBook: The Definitive Guide Wood duck
PMS 3272C Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference Flamingo
PMS 246C Effective awk Programming Auk bird
PMS 313C Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason Arab baboon
PMS 2607C Enterprise JavaBeans Wallaby & joey
PMS 3272C Essential Blogging Flat headed cats
PMS 246C Essential CVS Bobacs
PMS Reflex Blue Essential SNMP Red deer
PMS 301C Essential System Administration Pocket Reference Armadillo
PMS Reflex Blue Essential System Administration Armadillo
PMS Reflex Blue Ethernet:The Definitive Guide Octopus
PMS 301C Excel Cookbook Common mackerel
PMS 301C Excel Pocket Guide Gannet
PMS Reflex Blue Exim: The Mail Transfer Agent Aye-aye
PMS 246C Exploring Expect Chimpanzee
PMS 313C Extreme Programming Pocket Guide Chamois
PMS 3272C Flash Remoting MX: The Definitive Guide Cuttlefish
PMS 313C Games, Diversions & Perl Culture: Best of the Perl Journal Flying dragon
PMS 246C GIMP Pocket Reference  Mouse
PMS 246C GNU Emacs Pocket Reference Gnu
PMS 2607C Hardcore Java Lion
PMS Reflex Blue Hardening Cisco Routers North African wild ass
PMS 3272C HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide Koala
PMS 3272C HTML Pocket Reference Koala
PMS 3272C HTTP Pocket Reference Ground squirrel
PMS 3272C HTTP: The Definitive Guide Ground squirrel
PMS 3272C Information Architecture for the World Wide Web Polar bear
PMS Reflex Blue Internet Application Protocols: The Definitive Guide Criss-cross fish & butterfly fish
PMS Reflex Blue Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide Trout & char
PMS Reflex Blue IP Routing Zebu
PMS Reflex Blue IPv6 Essentials Rigatella snail
PMS 2607C J2EE Design Patterns Mollusk
PMS 2607C Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference Percheron
PMS 2607C Java & XML Data Binding Osprey
PMS 2607C Java & XML Lions
PMS 2607C Java 2D Graphics John Dory
PMS 2607C Java and SOAP Red firefish
PMS 2607C Java and XSLT Ermines
PMS 2607C Java Best Practices Javan tiger
PMS 2607C Java Cookbook Domestic fowl
PMS 2607C Java Data Objects Lagotis
PMS 2607C Java Database Best Practices Taguan
PMS 2607C Java Enterprise Best Practices Sand dollar
PMS 2607C Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf Javan tiger
PMS 2607C Java Extreme Programming Cookbook Bison
PMS 2607C Java I/O White rabbit
PMS 2607C Java Internationalization  Poodles
PMS 2607C Java Management Extensions Octopus
PMS 2607C Java Message Service Passenger pigeon
PMS 2607C Java Network Programming River otter
PMS 2607C Java NIO Pig-footed bandicoot
PMS 2607C Java Performance Tuning Serval
PMS 165C Java Programming with Oracle JDBC Hummingbird moths
PMS 2607C Java RMI European red squirrel
PMS 2607C Java Security Tiger
PMS 2607C Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook Fennec
PMS 2607C Java Servlet Programming European bear
PMS 2607C Java Swing Spider monkey
PMS 2607C Java Threads Marine invertebrate
PMS 2607C Java Web Services European ibex
PMS 3272C JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook Howler monkey
PMS 3272C JavaScript Application Cookbook Hippopotamus
PMS 3272C JavaScript Pocket Reference Rhino
PMS 3272C JavaScript: The Definitive Guide Rhino
PMS 2607C JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference Grey wolf
PMS 2607C JavaServer Faces Barbary ape
PMS 2607C JavaServer Pages Grey wolf
PMS 2607C JDBC Pocket Reference Springbok
PMS 2607C JUnit: The Definitive Guide Yellow baboon
PMS 246C Jython Essentials Bank vole
PMS Reflex Blue Kerberos: The Definitive Guide Barred owl
PMS Reflex Blue LDAP System Administration Mink
PMS 301C Learning C# Goldfish
PMS 2725C Learning Carbon Bloohounds
PMS 2725C Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Irish setter
PMS 246C Learning GNU Emacs Gnu
PMS 2607C Learning Java Tigress & cubs
PMS 165C Learning Oracle PL/SQL Zebra butterfly
PMS 313C Learning Perl on Win32 Systems Gecko
PMS 313C Learning Perl Llama
PMS 313C Learning Perl Object, References, and Modules Alpaca
PMS 246C Learning Python Wood rat
PMS 246C Learning Shell Scripting Geometric tent tortoise
PMS 246C Learning the bash Shell Bass
PMS 246C Learning the Korn Shell Hawksbill turtle
PMS 246C Learning the Unix Operating System Owl
PMS 246C Learning the vi Editor Tarsier
PMS 246C Learning UML Kitten
PMS 2725C Learning Unix for Mac OS X Alaskan malamute
PMS 2725C Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther Alaskan malamute
PMS 3272C Learning VBScript Seal
PMS 301C Learning Visual Basic .NET Snake-necked turtle
PMS 2607C Learning Wireless Java Galago lemur
PMS 3272C Learning XML Chick & egg
PMS 3272C Learning XSLT Marabou stork
PMS 246C lex & yacc Victoria crowned pigeons
PMS 1815C Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf Rockhopper penguin
PMS 2607C Mac OS X for Java Geeks Striped hyena
PMS 2725C Mac OS X for Unix Geeks Foxhound
PMS 2725C Mac OS X Panthet for Unix Geeks Foxhound
PMS 2725C Mac OS X Pocket Guide German shepard
PMS 2725C Mac OS X Pocket Guide German shepard
PMS 2725C Mac OS X Unwired Welsh terriers
PMS 2725C Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide Belgian shepherd
PMS 246C Managing & Using MySQL Kingfisher
PMS Reflex Blue Managing IMAP African bushback
PMS Reflex Blue Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers Donkey
PMS Reflex Blue Managing Mailing Lists Woodpecker
PMS 301C Managing Microsoft Exchange Server Bush baby
PMS Reflex Blue Managing NFS and NIS Porcupines
PMS 246C Managing Projects with make Potto
  Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools Barbirusa
PMS 301C Managing the Windows 2000 Registry Orangutan
PMS 246C Mastering Algorithms with C Seahorse
PMS 313C Mastering Algorithms with Perl Wolf
PMS 165C Mastering Oracle SQL Pyrops candelaria (lantern flies)
PMS 3298C Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics Bullfrog
PMS 313C Mastering Perl/Tk Emu
PMS 313C Mastering Regular Expressions Owls
PMS 301C Mastering Visual Studio .NET Egyptian goose
PMS 246C MySQL Cookbook Green anole
PMS 246C MySQL Pocket Reference Kingfisher
PMS 2607C NetBeans: The Definitive Guide European tree frogs
PMS Reflex Blue Network Printing Steer
PMS Reflex Blue Network Troubleshooting Tools Basilisk
PMS Reflex Blue Networking CD Bookshelf Land crab
PMS 301C Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET Cormorant
PMS 246C Objective-C Pocket Reference Corsac
PMS 3272C Office 2003 XML Essentials Palm civet
PMS 165C Optimizing Oracle Performance Yellowjacket
PMS 165C Oracle Built-in Packages Centipede
PMS 165C Oracle Database Administration: The Essential Reference Ladybug
PMS 165C Oracle Data Dictionary Pocket Reference Tsetse fly
PMS 165C Oracle DBA Checklists Pocket Reference Rosalie beetle
PMS 165C Oracle Design Dragon fly & damsel fly
PMS 165C Oracle Essentials: Oracle Database 10g Cicadas
PMS 165C Oracle Net8 Configuration and Troubleshooting Silkworm moths
PMS 165C Oracle Performance Tuning Honey bee
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices  Red wood ants (female & male)
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference Centipede
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf Moth
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL Developer's Workbook Stag beetle
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference Ants
PMS 165C Oracle PL/SQL Programming Ants
PMS 165C Oracle Regular Expressions Pocket Reference Female garden spiders
PMS 165C Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference Dung beetle
PMS 165C Oracle Scripts Splendar beetle
PMS 165C Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference Hornets
PMS 165C Oracle SQL*Loader: The Definitive Guide Scarab beetle
PMS 165C Oracle SQL*Plus Pocket Reference Moving leaf insect
PMS 165C Oracle SQL*Plus: The Definitive Guide Moving leaf insect
PMS 165C Oracle SQL: The Essential Reference Scorpion
PMS 165C Oracle8i Internal Services for Waits, Latches, Locks, and Memory Bumble bee
PMS 301C Outlook Pocket Guide Herring gull
PMS 877C Palm OS Network Programming Buntings
PMS 877C Palm OS Programming Pigeon
PMS 877C PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide Flying squirrel
PMS 313C Perl 6 Essentials Aoudad
PMS 313C Perl & LWP Blesbok
PMS 313C Perl & XML West african green monkeys
PMS 313C Perl CD Bookshelf Camel
PMS 313C Perl Cookbook Bighorn sheep
PMS 313C Perl Debugger Pocket Reference Greater honeyguide
PMS 165C Perl for Oracle DBAs Thread-winged lacewing 
PMS 313C Perl for System Administration Sea otter
PMS 3272C Perl for Web Site Management Proboscis monkey
PMS 313C Perl Graphics Programming Monkey
PMS 313C Perl Pocket Reference Llama & camel
PMS 313C Perl Template Toolkit Badger
PMS 313C Perl/Tk Pocket Reference Emu (jeuvenile)
PMS 3272C PHP Cookbook Galapagos land iguana
PMS 3272C PHP Pocket Reference Cuckoo
PMS 301C Physics for Game Developers Cat & mouse
PMS Reflex Blue Postfix: The Definitive Guide Dove
PMS 246C Power Programming with RPC Kangaroo
PMS 246C Practical PostgreSQL Mammoth
PMS 246C Practical C Programming Cow
PMS 246C Practical C++ Programming Chipmunk
PMS 313C Practical mod_perl  Thoroughbred horse
PMS 3272C Practical RDF Secretary bird
PMS Reflex Blue Practical VoIP Using VOCAL Snipefish
PMS 3272C Practical XML Data Modeling Crested pigeon
PMS 3272C Programming .NET Components Hermit crab
PMS 301C Programming .NET Web Services Boatbill heron
PMS 2607C Programming Apache Axis Sable antelope
PMS 301C Programming ASP.NET Stingray
PMS 301C Programming C# African crowned crane
PMS 3272C Programming ColdFusion MX Arctic tern
PMS 246C Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ Ticks
PMS Reflex Blue Programming Internet Email  Spotted eagle
PMS 3272C Programming Jabber Bellbird
PMS 2607C Programming Jakarta Struts Percheron
PMS 301C Programming .NET Security Smoothhound shark
PMS 301C Programming .NET Windows Applications Darter
PMS 313C Programming Perl Camel
PMS 3272C Programming PHP Cuckoo
PMS 246C Programming Python Rock python
PMS 301C Programming the .NET Compact Framework Great plover
PMS 313C Programming the Perl DBI Cheetah
PMS 301C Programming Visual Basic .NET Catfish
PMS 877C Programming Visual Basic for Palm OS Flying fish
PMS 313C Programming Web Services with Perl Flying dragon
PMS 3272C Programming Web Services with SOAP Sea sponge
PMS 3272C Programming Web Services with XML-RPC Jelly fish
PMS 246C Programming with curses Pig deer
PMS 246C Programming with GNU Software Swan
PMS 246C Programming with Qt Toucan
PMS 246C PThreads Programming Silk worm
PMS 246C Python & XML Elephant shrew
PMS 246C Python Cookbook Spring Haas
PMS 246C Python Pocket Reference Rock python
PMS 301C Python Programming On Win32 Caiman
PMS 246C Python Standard Library Harvest mice
PMS Reflex Blue qmail Tawny owl
PMS Reflex Blue RADIUS Dolium shell
PMS 2725C REALbasic: The Definitive Guide Greyhound
PMS 313C Regular Expression Pocket Reference Owls
PMS 3272C RELAX NG Blood pheasant
PMS 3298C R for Bioinformatics Asiatic wild ram
PMS 246C RTF Pocket Guide Tegu
PMS 2725C Running Mac OS X Panther German shepherd
PMS 3272C Running Weblogs with Slash Crows
PMS Reflex Blue Samba Pocket Reference Hornbill
PMS 3272C SAX2 Pampas cat
PMS 246C Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++ Crested porcupine
PMS 246C sed & awk Pocket Reference Slender lorises
PMS 246C sed & awk Slender lorises
PMS Reflex Blue sendmail Cookbook Common European bat
PMS Reflex Blue sendmail Desktop Reference Flying fox bat
PMS Reflex Blue sendmail Flying fox bat
PMS Reflex Blue Server Load Balancing Jacana
PMS 301C Shared Source CLI Essentials Africa openbill
PMS 246C Software Portability with imake Boa constricter
PMS Reflex Blue Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide Spotted salamander
PMS 246C SQL Pocket Reference Chameleon
PMS 246C SQL Tuning Salamander
PMS Reflex Blue Squid: The Definitive Guide Squid
PMS Reflex Blue SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide Snail
PMS 246C STL Pocket Reference Eastern chipmunks
PMS 301C Subclassing & Hooking with Visual Basic Sooty phalanger (brush-tailed possums) 
PMS 3272C SVG Essentials Arcus pheasant
PMS Reflex Blue System Performance Tuning Swordfish
PMS Reflex Blue T1 : A Survival Guide Caribou
PMS 313C Tcl/Tk Pocket Reference Monkey
PMS Reflex Blue TCP/IP Network Administration Land crab
PMS Reflex Blue termcap and terminfo Great black cockatoo
PMS 165C TOAD Pocket Reference for Oracle Toad & insect
PMS 2607C Tomcat: The Definitive Guide Snow leopard
PMS 301C Transact-SQL Cookbook Tree Swift
PMS 301C Transact-SQL Programming  Wall creepers
PMS 246C UML Pocket Reference Kitten
PMS Reflex Blue Unix Backup and Recovery Gavial
PMS 246C Unix CD Bookshelf Tarsier
PMS 165C Unix for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference Flies
PMS Reflex Blue Using and Managing PPP Turtle
PMS 246C Using csh & tcsh Oyster catcher
PMS Reflex Blue Using Samba North African ground hornbill
PMS Reflex Blue Using SANs and NAS Pika & hyrax
PMS 301C VB.NET Language Pocket Reference Catfish
PMS 301C VBScript Pocket Reference Pinscher dog
PMS 246C vi Editor Pocket Reference Tarsier
PMS Reflex Blue Virtual Private Networks Puffins
PMS 3272C Web Caching Rock thrush
PMS 3272C Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL Platypus
PMS 3272C Web Design CD Bookshelf Koala
PMS 3272C Web Performance Tuning Sword billed humming bird
PMS 3272C Web Privacy with P3P Lioness
PMS 3272C Web Security, Privacy & Commerce Whale shark
PMS 3272C Web Services Essentials Spiny lobster
PMS 313C Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk: Best of the Perl Journal Emu
PMS 2607C WebLogic Server 6.1 Workbook for Enterprise Javabeans Wallaby & joey
PMS 2607C WebLogic: The Definitive Guide Sand star
PMS 2607C WebSphere 4.0 AEs Workbook for Enterprise Javabeans Wallaby & joey
PMS 301C Win32 API Programming with Visual Basic Entellus or hanuman monkey
PMS 301C Win32 Multithreaded Programming Man-o'-war
PMS 301C Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference Crested eagle
PMS 301C Windows 2000 Performance Guide Stickleback fish
PMS 1375C Windows 98 Annoyances European common toad
PMS 1375C Windows Me Annoyances Fat frog
PMS 301C Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration Horse shoe crab
PMS 301C Windows System Policy Editor Caracara bird
PMS 1375C Windows XP Annoyances Surinam toad
PMS 301C Windows XP Pocket Reference Climbing frog
PMS 301C Word Pocket Guide Parakeet
PMS 3272C Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C White-tailed eagle
PMS 301C Writing Excel Macros with VBA Bluejay
PMS 301C Writing Word Macros Beisa oryx
PMS 3272C XML CD Bookshelf Peacock
PMS 3272C XML Pocket Reference Peafowl
PMS 3272C XML Publishing with AxKit Tarpan
PMS 3272C XML Schema Reeves's pheasant
PMS 3272C XPath and XPointer Bee eaters
PMS 3272C XSL-FO Pennant-winged night jar
PMS 3272C XSLT Jabiru
PMS 3272C XSLT Cookbook Red mullet fish

Hacks & Unwired Books

PMS Color 
Book Title
PMS 3272C Amazon Hacks Machete
PMS 3272C eBay Hacks Corkscrew
PMS 3272C Google Hacks Locking pliers
PMS 3272C Google Pocket Guide Locking pliers
PMS 1815C Linux Server Hacks Ax
PMS 2725C Mac OS X Hacks Adjustable wrench
PMS 2725C Mac OS X UnWired Dog collar
PMS 3272C Spidering Hacks Flex scrapper
PMS 877C TiVo Hacks Jumper cables
PMS 301C Windows XP Hacks Antique fan
PMS 301C Windows XP Unwired Bird cage
PMS Reflex Blue Wireless Hacks Wire cutter
PMS 301C Word Hacks Hand held mixer

Linux Books

Book Title
Building Secure Servers with Linux Caravan
Learning Red Hat Linux, Sheriff
Linux Device Drivers Bucking bronco
Linux iptables Pocket Reference Guys in a doorway
Linux Network Administrator's Guide Cowboy
Linux Pocket Guide Roper
Linux Security Cookbook Campfire scene
LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell Bull
Managing RAID on Linux Log jam
Running Linux Rearing horse
Understanding the Linux Kernel Man with bubble

Security Books

Book Title
Building Internet Firewalls Medieval castle door
Computer Security Basics Key
Malicious Mobile Code Trojan Horse
PGP: Pretty Good Privacy Padlock
Practical Unix & Internet Security Safe
Secure Coding: Principles and Practices Bridge building
Security Warrior Warriors

In a Nutshell Books

Book Title
.NET Windows Forms in a Nutshell Darter head
ADO.NET in a Nutshell African spoonbill
AppleScript in a Nutshell Boston terrier
ASP In a Nutshell Snake
ASP.NET in a Nutshell Stingray
C# in a Nutshell Crane
C++ in a Nutshell Chipmunk
Cisco IOS in a Nutshell Donkey head
Cocoa in a Nutshell Irish setter
Delphi in a Nutshell Canadian lynx
Dreamweaver in a Nutshell Cobra
Excel 2000 In a Nutshell Northern gannet
J2ME in a Nutshell Galago lemur head
Java Enterprise in a Nutshell Sand dollar
Java Examples in a Nutshell Alligator
Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell Florida panther
Java in a Nutshell Javan tiger
Java Web Services in a Nutshell Ibex head
JXTA in a Nutshell Prairie dog
Lingo in a Nutshell Macaw
Linux in a Nutshell Arabian horse
Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell Dalmatian head
LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell Bull
Mac OS X in a Nutshell German shepherd
Mac OS X in a Nutshell German shepherd
MCSD in a Nutshell: The Visual Basic Exams Purple-capped lory
MCSE in a Nutshell: The Windows 2000 Exams  Grand elephant
Oracle in a Nutshell Myrmeleon
Outlook 2000 In a Nutshell Herring gull head
PC Hardware in a Nutshell Scallop shell
Perl in a Nutshell Camel
Python in a Nutshell Python
Ruby in a Nutshell Wild goat
SCO UNIX in a Nutshell Bear
Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell Liger
SQL In a Nutshell Chameleon
Tcl/Tk in a Nutshell Ibis
UML in a Nutshell Cat
UNIX in a Nutshell Tarsier
VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Language Dog
VB.NET Core Classes in a Nutshell Crawfish
VB.NET Language in a Nutshell Catfish
VBScript in a Nutshell Miniature pischer
Web Design in a Nutshell Weasel
Webmaster in a Nutshell Crab spider
Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell White pelican
Windows 2000 Administration in a Nutshell Crested eagle
Windows 98 in a Nutshell Reinwardt's gliding frog
Windows NT in a Nutshell Short toed eagle
Windows XP in a Nutshell Climbing frog
Word 2000 in a Nutshell Parakeet head
XML in a Nutshell Peafowl head