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Put metrics that matter to work for your organization

When you invest in a learning platform, you want to know that it’s working for your teams. We get it. With the O’Reilly Insights Dashboard, you get easy-to-use, comprehensive, and customizable reporting—at your fingertips.

See how your individual team members are doing

Whether you’re mentoring a team member, tracking goals, or curious about how your top performers master new skills or solve problems, it can be useful to see how individuals are using the platform. You can download reports mapped to different time ranges to see progress over time or pinpoint their most recent efforts.

Course completion

Get on-demand course progress and completion stats to see who’s making strides in essential skill disciplines.

Platform activity

Find your top learners, see which tools and content formats they’re using, and more with platform engagement insights.

Content consumption

See what content and topics users are focused on to understand the skills they want to learn and help develop learning programs.

Get comprehensive reporting on your entire organization’s learning

Get a holistic view of how—and how much—your teams are learning. See how they stack up against the competition, what topics they’re focused on, and more through easily digestible modules and downloadable reports. Plus, create your own custom reports and connect to other systems with our Insights API.

See how your teams are engaging

Explore platform usage with key activity stats on engaged users, content consumed, searches conducted, and more. You’ll get an overview of how usage and activity are broken down by day, how they compare to the past, and how they trend over time.

Understand how your teams are learning

Differentiate between comprehensive knowledge building (linear) and quick problem-solving (nonlinear). And see which topics your teams are developing expertise in (deepening) and topics that are emerging trends (broadening). These learning pattern insights are only available on O’Reilly.

Discover what your teams are learning

Compare your organization’s topic engagement to the competition’s to spot imbalances and help close any gaps. Plus, take a look at which certifications your teams are after, the highest-ranked content and topics, and more.

“The learning patterns tool is the next step in understanding our learners’ paths to knowledge. Not only does it provide insight into their usage, but more importantly it shows us how their usage is tied to the overall learning journey.”

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