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Sometimes you don’t quite know where to start. That’s why we offer over 5,000 live and on-demand courses for the 30+ most-in-demand tech roles today. So no matter your level, you can just pick the role you have (or the one you want) or the topics you want to learn and get the top courses to guide you to what you need to know.

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Give your teams access to over 5,000 role-based courses and give them every advantage.

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5,000+ courses covering over 30 roles

Learn by role or just pick the skills you’re interested in

We’ll instantly deliver recommended courses to help you build your skills, no matter if you’re already proficient or learning from scratch.

Choose expert-led live or on-demand courses

Only O’Reilly offers a dynamic ongoing calendar of live courses. So you can get in a virtual room with a leading expert to ask questions and hear how your peers are tackling similar issues. Or dive into one of thousands of ready-to-explore on-demand courses anytime.

Courses for all levels. And leveling up made easier.

You can filter courses by level, to help ensure you’re only getting served courses that are right for you. And only O’Reilly offers courses that span multiple levels (over 20% of available courses), so you can advance to the next level and beyond—all from a single course.

Quizzes ensure teams retain what they learned

If you’re an enterprise customer, you’ll also find quizzes integrated into our most popular on-demand courses, so you can put what you’ve learned to the test. More than 150 courses should include quizzes by the end of 2023.

Progress and completion tracking 24-7

If you’re an administrator or manager, it’s essential to see what courses your teams are focusing on—and how well they’re doing at getting through them. That’s why there’s course progress and completion tracking available through your Insights Dashboard anytime.