Designing for Cities

Technology and the Urban Experience

Designing for Cities

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How can today’s growing cities use technology and design to improve their infrastructure, management, and quality of life? In this O’Reilly report, Paul McConnell and Mike Clare from Intersection review how connected services and platforms are redefining how cities function, and how people interact within them.

As the world becomes more urbanized and connected, design methods can be applied to some of the most critical challenges among three major groups: citizens, civic stakeholders, and commercial interests.

This report will provide you with background, examples, and approaches for citizen-centered experiences and civic innovation projects. The authors provide examples from projects including the MTA Subway System and LinkNYC—an ambitious program to replace New York’s aging pay phone infrastructure with the world’s largest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network.

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Paul McConnell

Paul McConnell is the Director of Design at Control Group, a customer experience innovation firm that has been recognized for their groundbreaking digital transformations of shared spaces. Control Group is going through some really exciting changes and int he process of becoming Intersection.

Paul has over a decade of experience leading strategy, user experience, and technical development teams for a variety of products and services. At Control Group, Paul McConnell leads a team of design researchers, strategists, interaction designers, and visual designers to ensure a high quality of work across all projects.

Paul McConnell is a graduate of Pratt Institute and continues to teach in Pratt's Design and Cultural Management programs, both of which focus on design thinking and sustainable design methods. Outside of work, Paul is interested in community development programs and endeavors related to social responsibility.