Privacy and the Internet of Things

Privacy and the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things has captured the attention of industry, journalists, academics, policymakers, and the public. Many articles, books, and reports detail the economic and technological possibilities of a world full of connected sensing devices, but few provide an in-depth discussion of the IoT’s privacy implications, especially for a general audience.

This report addresses that gap by examining American and European privacy concepts, values, and methods and their application in the IoT. Dr. Gilad Rosner explores what’s at stake for society as IoT technology evolves, and reviews different frameworks that can be brought to bear on IoT privacy risks.

Despite sound bites and pundits declaring the death of privacy, it remains a vital, shifting conversation about values and norms relating to the flow of information. This report will help business leaders, policymakers, funders, and the public engage in a constructive dialogue about privacy at a time when connected devices are spreading throughout the human environment.

With this report, you will:

  • Learn the various definitions of the Internet of Things
  • Explore the meaning of privacy and survey its mechanics and methods from American and European perspectives
  • Understand the differences between privacy and security in the IoT
  • Examine major privacy risks implied by the proliferation of connected devices
  • Review existing and emerging frameworks for addressing IoT privacy risks
  • Find resources for further reading and research into IoT privacy

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Gilad Rosner

Gilad Rosner

Dr. Gilad Rosner is a privacy and information policy researcher and the founder of the non-profit Internet of Things Privacy Forum, a crossroads for industry, regulators, academics, government and privacy advocates to discuss the privacy challenges of the IoT. The Forum's mission is to produce guidance, analysis and best practices to enable industry and government to reduce privacy risk and innovate responsibly in the domain of connected devices.

Dr. Rosner's broader work focuses on the IoT, identity management, US & EU privacy and data protection regimes, and online trust. His research has been used by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on the Responsible Use of Data and he is a featured expert on O'Reilly and the BBC. Dr. Rosner has a 20-year career in IT, having worked with identity management technology, digital media, automation and telecommunications.

Dr. Rosner is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, which provides independent analysis and guidance on Government digital initiatives, and also sits on the British Computer Society Identity Assurance Working Group, focused on internet identity governance. He is a Visiting Scholar at the Information School at UC Berkeley, a Visiting Researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, and has consulted on trust issues for the UK government's identity assurance programme, Dr. Rosner is a policy advisor to Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent, and has contributed directly to legislation on law enforcement access to location data, access to digital assets upon death, and the collection of student biometrics.

Dr. Rosner can be contacted at: