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Why are there Missing Manuals?

Instead, after paying $300 or more for the software, you're expected to learn these complex programs by reading electronic help screens.

But online help is no substitute for a real manual. Ever try to flip between help topics? Or try to read them over breakfast? Wish you could underline, or at least bookmark what you found? Ah. We thought so.

That's why David Pogue--award-winning how-to author and computer columnist for the New York Times--teamed with O'Reilly Media to launch Pogue Press. We're dedicated to producing sterling, beautifully written manuals for popular consumer software and hardware products.

The results speak for themselves. Our Missing Manuals on iMovie 2, Windows XP Home Edition, AppleWorks 6, and iPhoto are not only bestsellers, they're the most popular books on their topics! And Mac OS X, 2nd Edition tops them all. The first edition of Mac OS X: The Missing Manual was the #1 bestselling computer book of 2002, selling 100,000 copies in six months.

What Makes a Missing Manual?

Superb, professional writing. Warm, witty, and jargon-free, Missing Manuals have enough clarity for the novice, and enough depth and detail for the power user.

Complete coverage. Each has a product overview, pointing out what it's good for. Successive chapters dissect the entire product piece by piece. We give you a real-world perspective: Although Missing Manual titles feel "official" in many ways, we freely acknowledge flaws in the product--a distinct advantage over vendor-provided documentation.

A menu-command reference. A final appendix of each book serves as a menu-by-menu drive-through of the software's commands and dialog boxes.

Find out why thousands of people like you have made Missing Manuals the essential companion for some of today's most popular software.

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