Book Review Guidelines

Besides posting reviews on your user group's site, newsletter, or mailing list, we encourage reviewers to post reviews on their favorite sites such as Amazon, Slashdot, Barnes & Noble, and To post a review on, just click on the "Reader Review" link of any book page on our online catalog.

Example Review

Programming Computer Vision With Python
Reviewed by Patrick Mihelich,
Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group

Opening the table of contents, I was immediately impressed by the selection of topics. Computer vision is a broad field, and PCVwP manages to cover plenty of ground. One of the book's strengths is the elegantly written code samples. They are a great advertisement for Python as a scientific computing tool. I'm personally most at home bit-banging in C++, but even with powerful libraries (Boost, Eigen, OpenCV) it's hard to match the terseness of Python. I appreciate the focus on free, open-source software, and the star libraries in this book - Numpy, SciPy, Matplotlib - are high-quality and well documented. MATLAB users, pay heed.

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Tips and Suggestions

  • Include the book's title, author(s), publisher, and price.

  • Provide the catalog page URL for your book from our book list

  • Include information from the catalog page for each book such as a link to the sample chapter or author articles.

  • Create a rating system with your members. Be creative. For example, the Alaskan Apple Users Group uses Moose to rate their reviews. Five Moose means "Terrific."

  • Be honest.

  • The length is up to you. Reviews can be short and sweet or long and detailed. Do what works best for you.

  • If you like something in a book, say what it is and why you like it. If you don't like something in the book, say what it is and say why you don't like it. Be as specific as you can--this information is important to other readers.

  • If something was omitted in the book say what it is and why it is important.

  • End the review with an overall summary.

  • In your UG Newsletter or website, mention the O'Reilly User Group discount. Forgot the discount code? Email me, and I'll remind you. ( )

  • If your members are having trouble writing a review, creating a set of questions that need to be answered might help them get started.

  • Do what works best for your group.

  • If you find an error you would like to submit, please go the "Errata" section on the book page from our online catalog.

  • Have Fun!