Rick Jelliffe

Rick Jelliffe

Standards activist Rick Jelliffe is C.T.O. of Topologi Pty. Ltd, a company making XML-related desktop tools, and spends most of his time working on editors, validators and publishing-related markup. His main standards project currently is editing an upcoming ISO standard for the Schematron schema language, which he originally developed.

As well as his work with ISO SC34 and the original XML group at W3C, Rick was a sporadic member of the W3C Schema Working Group and the W3C Internationalization Interest Group. He also blogs regularly for XML.com and digitalmedia.oreilly.com.

He is the author of The XML & SGML Cookbook; Recipes on Structured Information and lead the Chinese XML Now project at Academia Sinica Computing Centre. He lives in Sydney, Australia, and has an economics degree from Sydney University.

Disclosure: In January 2007, Rick became embroiled in a controversy after mentioning in his XML.COM blog an approach from Microsoft for a several-day contract job to correct some Wikipedia entries from a neutral point of view, as an experienced technical writer with credible first-hand knowledge of standards and procedures. This was incorrectly reported as being a secret plot to subvert Wikipedia. With the support of many editors on Wikipedia, with complete transparency, and with care to respect the Wikipedia rules, Rick has started participating on the Wikipedia entries.

The company that is the co-owner of Topologi has a long-standing training business and will be providing some presenters for some Microsoft sponsored-events in 2007 in Australasia. It is highly likely that Rick will be one of the presenters on standards matters at some of these.

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A4: a better form factor for modular synthesizers?

Grant Richter of modular synthesizer manufacturer Wiard has called for the module-buying public to become less conservative about the kind of front panel material used. "If the public could change their perception of how a synthesizer module must be constructed,... read more

My Neumixturtrautonium plugin makes it to EM list of 12!

Electronic Musician has an article up called Twelve under a Hundred on inexpensive VST synthesizers: lo and behold, my Neumixtutrautonium plugin made it! (The list is not an absolute top 12 just a list of the free synths they tried... read more

Ten Rules for Designing Web Pages for Low-Bandwidth and Elderly Readers

April 12 2010

Aptivate's 2007 Ten Rules for Designing for Low-Bandwidth are: No Page Bigger Than 25kB Reduce Images Have Good Site Structure Use Style Sheets Minimise HTTP Requests Turn on Compression Be Cache-able Avoid PDFs Put Useful Items First Show Link Sizes... read more

Tactical and strategic XML design

November 06 2009

So I guess when we look at a system's architecture, the first thing we can do is ask 'Is this XML here being used strategically or tactically?' A strategic use might be, for example, to allow long-term archiving; a tactical use might be XML in AJAX (where using JSON would… read more

A design trap of the maintenance phase

August 20 2009

The slow addition of these little inappropriate fixes is like the growth of barnacles on a boat's hull: eventually you are not sailing a boat but sailing a rock. read more

FSK synthesis

August 06 2008

I'm in hardware now! Well, firmware at least. I posted a little comment to the electro-music.com DIY synthesizer forum about using FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) as a synthesis method, and Scott Gravenhorst took the idea and implemented it as an 8-voice, dual oscillator polyphonic synthesizer-on-a-chip using an FPGA (Field Programmable… read more

Improving bad breath and wind control

April 10 2008

Musicians who buy synthesizer wind controllers, such as a Yamaha WX-* or an Akai E*I, are often soon disappointed, not because of the controller's quality or their possibilities, but because they just don't work well with conventional MIDI synthesizer modules. Now that VST and other plugins are common, there has… read more

New book on SynthEdit

November 08 2007

I see Visual VST/i Programming: Synthedit is out now. I haven't sighted it yet, but it includes some of my custom SynthEdit modules, so it is quite fun for me. SynthEdit is a shareware application for PC that is a... read more

25 Skills Every Man Should Know

September 16 2007

Popular Mechanics have a great Hey Martha article 25 Skills Every Man Should Know. How did I rate, as red-blooded Aussie Urban Hobbyist keen to get more analog skills in this digital world? 1. Patch a radiator hose Oh, that... read more

Almost Fresh Linux Mint

July 19 2007

After three years of "community" Mandrake Linux, my work PC has run out of steam. Lots of rubbish and out of date: time for a spring clean and a new operating system! So I decided to do things the easy... read more

Timeline of Modular Synths outside America

May 06 2007

I made up this little chart to keep track of the various makers of modular/patchable analog synths (including modules,kits, PCBs and virtual synths) outside America, especially here in Australia. Pin matrixes are definitely a British/Australian phenomenon. . ... read more

Modularizing DIY Modular Synth Modules

March 28 2007

Most synthesizer module circuits have much of their real estate occupied by a few common functions: Power supply regulation and decoupling components Input buffers, using op-amps, perhaps with AC coupling components Output buffers, using op-amps Signal converters: dozens of kinds... read more

Top 2 CDs of 2006

December 20 2006

Here's my selection for the best vocal and the best instrumental CD of 2006, for rock/pop music. First, my criteria. Personality is everything. When I hear someone playing, I love to realize "No-one else in the world would think of... read more

All-TIME 100 top albums

November 30 2006

I see TIME has a breath-takingly stupid list that pupports to be "the greatest and most influential records ever." Not one non-English-language record. Not one record from continental Europe. Not one from Africa. Not one from South America. Not one... read more

MIDI/USB control surface: home-made and commercial

November 30 2006

I spent the last month making my own home-made USB control surface: a Velleman USB IO board, a multiplexor board of my own, some home-made pressure pads/ribbon controllers, and various pots, switches and plugs for external pedals and controllers. Looks... read more

Wombat Berries and Sh*twood

October 09 2006

Here's a couple of images from the CD my dear old Dad is making of the plants in the Coffs Harbour Botanical garden, for release next month. The Wombat Berry is the sole member of the genus. Also, here is... read more

DIY Synth Construction: driven by an open source community

September 23 2006

After a couple of decades of stagnation, analog DIY synth making is showing a lot of life again. A lot of the classic cicruit designs are no longer encumbered by patents, and many designers who have moved out from commercial... read more

Note to self: always use extension on Macs now

September 23 2006

Macs are now as inconvenient as PCs are. I've just been going through a tedious multimedia job. My Dear Old Dad makes image collection CD as his hobby: his first one, Aircraft Spotter, is of scans of WWII vintage aircraft... read more

New SynthEdit modules

September 14 2006

I've just released a new SynthEdit module with about 80 different low pass filter configurations, plus some high pass as well. RJ_FILTER3 is available from the syntheditusers group at the YAHOO groups site, under the files/modules. Other recent module news:... read more

Analog synth porn

July 05 2006

For fans of analog synths, especially of vintage EMS synths, here's a few clips I've found. (No guarantees the links won't disappear, sorry!)... read more

I Love YouTube

June 17 2006

In Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago, and the media and volk seemed obsessed by the “Bus Uncle” incident. The Wikipedia entry is pretty good on it. A phone video of a probably drunken exchange on a bus was downloaded onto YouTube, a video file sharing site very popular… read more

In 1950s Russia, the best synthesizer ran on Windows!

June 12 2006

Wow, nail my hat to the ceiling! I’d never heard of the ANS synthesizer before. Its a 50’s synth from Russia with 800 oscillators controlled by marks on a sheet of glass! I’m a fan of non-Moog music synthesis: any fan of Dr Who (BBC Radiophonic Workshop) would be, and… read more

My life as a manga hero

May 11 2006

Fun software at http://www.faceresearch.com/ allows you to age or youth-ify your face, turn it into an El Greco painting, or morph it into a Manga hero. I had a go. read more

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