Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is the Director of edgeofmyseat.com, a Web solutions company in the UK. She is a member of the Web Standards Project, serving on the Dreamweaver Task force. Rachel's writing credits include: Dreamweaver Developer's InstantTroubleshooter (Apress), Dreamweaver MX Design Projects (Apress), Dynamic Dreamweaver MX (glasshaus), Fundamental Web Design And Development Skills (glasshaus).

The CSS3 Anthology The CSS3 Anthology (SitePoint)
by Rachel Andrew
Fourth Edition March 2012
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

Everything You Know about CSS is Wrong! Everything You Know about CSS is Wrong! (SitePoint)
by Rachel Andrew, Kevin Yank
October 2008
Print: $29.95
Ebook: $29.00

The CSS Anthology The CSS Anthology (SitePoint)
by Rachel Andrew
Second Edition May 2007

The CSS Anthology The CSS Anthology (SitePoint)
by Rachel Andrew
November 2004
Print: $39.95

"I highly recommend this book not only as a starter book but as good companion when designing your website."
--Steven Mandel, .NET Developer's Journal

"What I liked about this book was that it was easy to follow and understand. Almost every page has example codes and even provides screenshots for what they would look like on the browser. You can also download the examples in the book at the sitepoint website and follow along with the book."
--Michael Kim, Amazon.com

"It’s Sitepoint, it’s CSS, it’s pure goodness in full color. Another amazing book from Sitepoint that is clear, concise, example-driven, and highly useful. I love how many of the topics are written in a before/after or progressive style. It’s a great mix between a cookbook and tutorial approach. There’s enough content here to make this book useful to CSS novices or advanced folks. "
--Jim Holmes, FrazzledDad

"The CSS Anthology is complete with full code and illustrations. I find this aspect is particularly useful for trying out different approaches. The book also contains a lot of good tips about compatibility and when CSS is not the best choice. "
--Dr. Tamy Brady, TCM Reviews

"In short order, this became the most popular book in the office. It was peppered with Post-Its, dog-ears, and highlighted by the end of the week. I had to call for its return so I could review it...Whether you are just beginning to use CSS or are an experienced developer, this book is essential reading. You will undoubtedly find several tips, tricks, and hacks that will improve your projects. You may want to purchase two copies in your office: one for you and one for you to share. "
--Louellen S. Cooker, Technical Communication, Volume 56, Number 1, February 2009

"This will be a welcome read for weary web programmers who have attempted to utilize CSS in their web projects, but have been forced to use a mishmash of CSS and HTML tables to achieve their desired designs. This book should be in high school and college libraries where a strong technology program exists, and is strongly recommended for any librarian who serves a particularly tech-savvy crowd. "
--Ross Teller, The Tech Static

"Are you a web designer and/or developer who needs to work with CSS layouts? If you are, then this book is for you! Authors Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank, have done an outstanding job of writing a book that takes stock of the current best practices methods that are being considered for CSS layout. "
--John R. Vacca, Amazon.com

"...this book is a good quick read, maybe like a bit of a manifesto with a cookbook in the middle. "
--Zoltan Hunt, YYZtech.ca

"...a must read book for anybody who designs or layouts web pages, whether you a graphic designer or programmer or in-between..."
--Dr. Colin Brown, MSN and Windows Live

"If you're looking for a practical, hands-on question-and-answer book The CSS Anthology is highly recommended. It is well designed in every respect, visually pleasing content is well organized, and very well written"
--Major Keary, Book News

"There were a number of great web design and web business books out this year, but none really quite matched the real utility of Rachel Andrew's practical guide on CSS."
--The Designer's Bookshelf