Liza Daly

Liza Daly

Technical consultant, software engineer

  • @liza

Areas of Expertise:

  • Publishing
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • XQuery
  • Python
  • Django
  • Java
  • epub
  • consulting
  • programming
  • writing

Liza Daly is a software engineer who specializes in applications for the publishing industry. She was the lead developer on major online products for Oxford University Press and has designed and engineered resources for Columbia University Press, Rosen Publishing and SAGE Publications. Currently she is an independent consultant and the founder of threepress, a platform to produce open source publishing tools.

Next-Generation Web Frameworks in Python Next-Generation Web Frameworks in Python
by Liza Daly
April 2007
Ebook: $9.99

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iPad and ebooks: Lots of unanswered questions

April 02 2010

Liza Daly says a host of unanswered questions about the iPad's ebook functionality coupled with the disconnect between simulators and hardware, will delay publishing innovation. But one upside: the iPad's hardware will ultimately benefit both native apps and web-based apps. read more

New features and bug fixes for Bookworm

July 29 2009

Feedbooks integration and one-click additions to your Bookworm library are now available, along with some bug fixes. read more

How to contribute translations to Bookworm

March 11 2009

We've enabled internationalization support for the user interface and help text in Bookworm and are looking for help in translating it into various languages. Bookworm runs on the Django framework, and Django supports these languages. They're all fair game. To... read more

Bookworm running in emacs w3-mode

February 17 2009

Nice to see some old-school text-based browser action, and as Bookworm was written exclusively using emacs, it seems appropriate: Screenshot via kamen.nadev. This isn't just geek cred, though. For the same reasons that the site is usable in a text... read more

Metrics from the O'Reilly Bookworm release

February 12 2009

This is the kind of web usage report that makes site managers ecstatic and software engineers cringe, and as I'm playing both roles in this case I'd describe it as a feeling of giddy terror. Bookworm has been online... read more

Bookworm and O'Reilly Labs

February 10 2009

I'm extremely pleased to announce that the Bookworm project is now part of O'Reilly Labs. read more

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Webcast: What Publishers Need to Know about Digitization
November 12, 2008
No prior experience with digitization is assumed in this friendly and accessible overview of the conversion process. We'll start from the beginning: what's XML and do you need it? What's the cost-benefit analysis versus PDF or other formats? From there...