Brian Lesser

Brian Lesser works at Ryerson University as Assistant Director, Application Development and Support in Ryerson's Computing and Communications Services.

Programming Flash Communication Server Programming Flash Communication Server
by Brian Lesser, Giacomo (Peldi) Guilizzoni, Robert Reinhardt, Joey Lott, Justin Watkins
February 2005
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Flash Media Server/FFmpeg Annoyance #2: Clients not allowed to broadcast message.

November 05 2011

Last year Ryerson University had a booth at NAB and I was part of the crew that demonstrated our (pre-alpha) television studio in the cloud project. During the show Ryerson was invited to the IBC show held in Amsterdam last... read more

Flash Media Server/FFmpeg Annoyance #1: RTMP/Stream URIs

August 11 2011

Every project has its annoying moments that often are quickly forgotten. So before I forget, I thought I'd make some notes in case this one is useful for someone else. Our FFmpeg-based video compositing engine connects to FMS in order... read more

A Real-Time Component Framework (RTCF)

August 01 2011

Over the years I've worked on a few moderately complex applications that used Flash Media Server (FMS). Each time I had to create a small component framework so I could manage server-side objects and their resources. In late 2009 I... read more

Adobe's Real-Time Media Flow Protocol

April 24 2009

This is a long post. I wrote it while preparing a presentation on RTMFP for Toronto's FITC Flash festival next week. After I recover from the festival I'll post the sample files for the demo applications. The Flash player is... read more

The Real-Time Web

November 08 2008

During the last year-and-a-half my days have been dominated by two large projects: the implementation of Ryerson University's new HR system and an upgrade of our Student Administration System (SAS). Now that the HR project has gone live and the... read more

MVC As Anti-Pattern

October 11 2008

Recently I asked a group of developers to review how they build Web applications. With over 100 ColdFusion applications/sites in place, I wanted to see what we could do to reduce the cost of adding new applications and new features... read more

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