Kevin Shockey

Kevin Shockey

Kevin is freelance artist, author, project manager, publisher, sculptor, and speaker. He's currently launching an alternate publishing company in Puerto Rico called X-cito Media. Previously he founded and the SNAP Platform SNAPPIX. He's an O'Reilly Media author and speaker and was also Editor in Chief of TUX Magazine.

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Puerto Rico Python User Group Celebrates First Anniversary

January 31 2014

On February 20, 2014 prPIG will celebrate our first anniversary with an open format meeting with lightning talks from the community. The meeting will be held at 7:00pm in the Puerto Rico Science, Research, & Technology Trust. More details read more

The Lean Startup Cycle - Learning

July 03 2012

One trait nearly every successful startup shares is endless market research. While innovation accounting covers a broader spectrum, assumptions about your users or community are some of the most important and should be tested early and often.. read more

Lean Startup Toolbox

July 02 2012

Running a lean startup project requires the coordination of a lot of little pieces. Each little piece, each system, fits together, like wooden studs or metal girders. Together all of the pieces become a structure, what designers call an infra-structure. read more

Download my Tutorial Slides

July 01 2012

I've uploaded the slides for my OSCON tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects." Definitely, the hardest set of slides I've ever had to put together. It combines four months of searching, reading, researching, condensing, simplifying, and writing... read more

OSCON Business Leadership Day

June 29 2012

I encourage you to give the Business Leadership track a look. You'll need to have the tutorial pass to attend, and while I hope all of the tutorials are great on Tuesday, if you're bored, please stop by room F 151. read more

Tutorial As a Startup Update

June 27 2012

All I can say at this point, is that it's hard to get people to engage over the Internet. Anyone claiming that it's easy to get an audience, a community, or project to respond and take action is, extremely lucky. read more

The State of Open Source

June 26 2012

Look at Pepsi and Coke. Do you think that they are willing to accept a decline in any aspect of their brand? No, they keep pushing, making sure everyone knows what they are drinking. I propose a similar campaign for open source. Let us make sure that users of cloud… read more

Synching Up Your Life

June 25 2012

You never now when you're an accident or failure aware from disaster. Having a multiple layer backup and recovery strategy is merely standard operating procedure. read more

Kickstarter Stats Page - Project Failure Analysis

June 23 2012

In nearly every famous example of project success, it is almost always due to prior preparation. Anyone considering launching a Kickstarter project, remember this: "Nearly every key business indicator of the past must be discarded." Social engagement over the Internet is the only metric that matters. Celebrity and "stardom" is… read more

Call for Attendee Participation

June 19 2012

For anyone who has already registered for this year's OSCON, and have selected my tutorial "How to Organize and Fund Free Culture Projects," I cordially invite you to self-identify yourself so we can work together to make the tutorial everything you need it to be. read more

Tutorial as a Startup

June 14 2012

I'm a persistent and often lucky explorer. I benefit from having seen a long line of technology over a long time. While everyone might be caught up in the Internet as the new development platform. I merely see a another... read more

OSCON 2011 - Wrap up, the missing story

July 27 2011

Jono Bacon "just now entering into the rennasance of community" read more

Pre-TOC Book2Camp Experience

February 14 2011

Highlights of the Book2Camp and Margaret Atwood read more

OSCON Wrap-up: Leaving a legacy

July 26 2010 source community asking itself, "how can we fix x (any of the world's challenges) with open source?" read more

Cloud Summit

July 21 2010

Whether you think your organization is ready, or not, cloud computing is a reality. read more

What to do before OSCON

July 17 2010

Oh yeah, there's the conference too, but this is the real reason to be in Portland next week. read more

The Apple AppStore and the Freedom of Choice

July 06 2010

It is my hope that this series of articles will spread awareness of the anti-competitive nature of Apple's business practices, and illustrate why they should open the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad applications development environment and restore the user's freedom of choice. read more

No, really e-publishing explained

June 16 2010

In the near future, more people will have access to more "books" than ever before in the history of mankind. This is future of e-publishing. read more

What is e-publishing?

June 13 2010

Well the short answer is more like, what isn't e-publishing? read more

Going back to Portland

May 19 2010

In my opinion, not since Gutenberg's invention of the printing press has their been as dramatic change in the distribution of the written word as we are experiencing right now. read more

Help preserve Net Neutrality on the Internet

January 12 2010

Sorry for the hastily written blog post to follow, but time is running out. According to a watchdog site I subscribe to, Thursday is the deadline for the FCC to receive public comments on rules they are considering to uphold... read more

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