Ewan Spence

Ewan Spence studied Computing and Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University before discovering his first Psion PDA. Since then he has actively followed the development of mobile computing technology, and become one of the leading authorities of the OPL language on Symbian OS.

He has produced software in OPL since 1994, including the ever popular and addictive Vexed game for Symbian OS. Since providing support and a community to Open Source and Freeware programmers, through the FreEPOC Software House, he has continued to help the wider community through the All About Symbian family of web sites. He strongly believes that programming computers should be something that is easy, accessible and simple to understand for every user. It shouldn't require a University degree and months of studying.

He currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Vikki, his two daughters Eilidh and Mairi, and Crow, the puppet.