Peter Krogh

Peter Krogh

Washington, District Of Columbia

Peter Krogh is regarded as one of the world's leading experts on DAM, or digital asset management. A professional and avid personal photographer for more than twenty years, Peter is a passionate advocate for both the photographer and the photograph. He is an Alpha Tester for Adobe and his contributions can be seen in some of the features available in Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Bridge, and the DNG RAW storage format.

You can see his photography work on his website, Read more about the book, and participate in an online discussion about the principles he promotes at

"In this well-written book, Krogh brings clarity to the often overwhelming task of managing digital photographs, with a solid plan and practical advice for fellow photographers on how to file, find, protect and re-use photographs. The book gives a thorough overview of the DAM system and de-mystifications of metadata and digital archiving."
--Dale Rainer, HiTech Review Magazine

"From creating order in a large image collection to understanding image file manipulation and storage, using directory strategies, and naming files, The DAM Book should be in any photographer's library."
--James A. Cox, California Bookwatch: The Photography Shelf

"The DAM Book is a substantial reference resource that should be thoroughly read and consulted as needed by anyone interested in safeguarding his or her work."
--Jonathan Rudin, Forum magazine, ASMP-SD FORUM, October 2009 Issue

"This is an excellent highly technical reference manual...I would recommend it to those who like to cuddle up to a highly technical book and get an inside look at how images can be moved around as well as how to get the most out of storage systems and image metadata. "
--Stan Kohn, Stan Kohn Photographics, The CDPUG Blogsphere

"If you are mystified by metadata schema, parametric image editing, image ingestion, or how to tag images with GPS data, this is the resource you need. Its focus is on practical rather than theoretical issues, but the author does not use that as an excuse to gloss over the technical stuff. He is an exceptional technical communicator, and the publishers have produced an exceptionally well-designed book. "
--Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"If you’re a professional photographer or manage lots and lots of images, consider The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, 2nd edition, by Peter Krogh. It provides a no-nonsense,practical approach to naming and organizing files, how to use Adobe Bridge and other image management programs, tips for backing up and archiving files, and converting film to digital."
--Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #203, July 2009

"Peter's writing is so clear! All the time he put into the text and examples really shows!"
--Katrin Eismann, Author of The Creative Digital Darkroom

"It is well written, thoroughly researched and cleanly laid out. I highly recommend The DAM Book and will refer back to it many times over the next few years...I highly recommend his book for anyone who wants to bullet-proof their digital photo archive, database and storage system. "
--Mike Hagen, Out There Images

"As the number of images in a photographer's collection gets larger a system like that in The DAM Book will become a necessity. It makes life easier for the digital photographer. In the event of a major system failure like losing a hard drive, having a simple backup system that is up to date will be all that matters."
--Jerry Callaghan, Boston West Photographic Society

"Overall, I found this book to be very well written, very informative, and very useful. The author goes into a lot of detail for almost every aspect of DAM..."
--Karen McCann, Barnes & Noble

"This book is a must-read for professional photographers...Peter Krogh drills into complex computer configurations that will make every closet IT person smile, and is generous in providing warnings about those configurations to the novice. His easy-to-follow workflows include examples from his own system, offering insight into the issues and challenges of accommodating an ever-growing archive and the lessons he learned along the way."
--Kimberley Bermender, American Society of Media Photographers: Northern California

"The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers is a must-read for all photographers who have not established efficient, consistent, flawless workflow systems. With refreshing clarity and keen insight Krogh teaches his reader the concepts underpinning good DAM practices. Then chapter-by-chapter, step-by-step, Krogh shows how to implement what he finds (at the time of writing) to be the most effective workflow."
--Ethan G. Salwen, The Picture Professional

"To really understand this book, and get the most out of it, you should read each chapter while running Adobe Bridge, learning the steps of both data management and program operation. It is not a manual for Bridge - instead it is like a do-it-yourself class for learning Bridge. For photography professionals this can be a VERY valuable book...Overall, I found this book to be very well written, very informative, and very useful. The author goes into a lot of detail for almost every aspect of DAM."
--Karen McCann, Silicon Valley Computer Society