Robert Treat

Robert Treat is a long-time user, developer, and advocate for free and open source software. An international speaker on topcis including databases and managing web operations at scale, he has presented at numerous industry conferences including OSCon, Velocity, Velocity EU, Surgecon, Highload++, PGCon, and more. He spends his days working as COO of OmniTI, a consultancy focused on building and managing highly scalable web architectures. He also maintains a popular blog at

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Kyoto’s Nasty 22% City-Bike Hill Climb

May 24 2015

距離125mで高度上昇26m、22%の坂を頑張りました。 I went out for a long bike in the mountains of northern Kyoto on Saturday, and after 120km (75mi) of tough ups and pleasant downs with friends (that I'll write about separately), I made an attempt at a hill so steep that its name on Strava is "Nasty". It's… read more

Why are Eight Bits Enough for Deep Neural Networks?

May 23 2015

Picture by Retronator Deep learning is a very weird technology. It evolved over decades on a very different track than the mainstream of AI, kept alive by the efforts of a handful of believers. When I started using it a few years ago, it reminded me of the first time… read more


May 23 2015

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