Keith Fahlgren

Keith Fahlgren

Publishing technologist

  • @abdelazer

San Francisco, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • docbook
  • atompub
  • xml
  • publishing
  • ebooks
  • epub
  • opds
  • speaking
  • programming

Keith Fahlgren is a Publishing Technology Consultant with Threepress. He specializes in helping publishers develop systems to create, maintain, enhance, and reuse written content. His contributions to the digital publishing ecosystem range from developing the open-source DocBook-XSL ePub Stylesheets to encouraging the adoption of the IDPF ePub standard to launching a system for collaborative manuscript development and kickstarting the OPDS Catalog specification process as part of the BookServer project. Keith was formerly at O'Reilly Media.

Keith has spoken about DocBook, XML in Publishing, BookServer & OPDS, and EPUB throughout the US and Canada.

XML for Publishers XML for Publishers
by Keith Fahlgren
April 2008