Ellen Anon

Ellen Anon

Ellen Anon is a freelance photographer and writer who specializes in expressive photography. Ellenís images, based on nature, are sometimes realistic and sometimes abstract but always designed to elicit emotional reactions from the viewer. She is represented by several stock agencies and her photos have been showcased in galleries and private collections in several countries, used in numerous publications (including Sierra Club's Mother Earth, Natures Best magazine, and Inner Reflections 2007 calendar), as well as stock. She is an Apple V.I.P. Pro Photographer and is an Apple Certified Trainer for Aperture.

Ellen is the co-author of Aperture Exposed; The Mac Photographers Guide to Taming the Workflow (Sybex, 2006) with her son, Josh Anon. She co-authored Photoshop for Nature Photographers; A Workshop in a Book , (Sybex, 2005) and Photoshop CS3 for Nature Photographers; A Workshop in a Book , (Sybex, 2007), with Tim Grey. In addition she has contributed chapters to numerous books on digital imaging.

Ellen is a featured speaker at various events and is also a frequent contributor to a variety of photography magazines. She leads both photographic and digital darkroom oriented workshops including Aperture workshops at the Santa Fe Workshops (www.sfworkshop.com). In addition, she teaches for www.BetterPhoto.com. Ellen is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and is an instructor for their high school scholarship program. She is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). Ellen's websites are www.sunbearphoto.com and www.ellenanon.com.

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Finding Hidden Details

One of the things I really like about Aperture is being able to adjust my images while I'm sorting through them. Applying some quick modifications using the Adjustment HUD lets me make better decisions about which images to keep. One... read more

Using Keywords and Smart Albums Instead of Labels

Last week Josh introduced us both and gave three great tips. This week I'm going to be describing some of the ways I use Aperture in my everyday workflow. I thought I'd describe one way that I use Smart Albums... read more

Auto Adjustments; Always, Never, Occasionally?

December 12 2007

Every software program that I’m familiar with includes some automatic adjustments, and without fail, until recently, I’ve been opposed to using them. The reason is that any auto adjustment is a software engineer’s best guess of what adjustments usually work... read more

Using the Tint Wheels

November 28 2007

After my last blog, several people asked for information about using the Tint Wheels. The Tint Wheels can be very helpful to either introduce or remove color casts. They differ from the White Balance tools in that the latter alter... read more

A Quick Review of Exposure and Levels Adjustments

November 14 2007

Recently someone was asking if it mattered whether you use the Exposure control or Levels or both to adjust an image and whether there was any difference in the results. So this week I’m going to review some basic adjustment... read more

A Quick Review of Exposure and Levels Adjustments

November 14 2007

Recently someone was asking if it mattered whether you use the Exposure control or Levels or both to adjust an image and whether there was any difference in the results. So this week I’m going to review some basic adjustment... read more

Leopard Decreases the Need to Use Bridge for Aperture Users

October 31 2007

When I initially heard that Leopard was incorporating Cover Flow into Leopard, I was less than impressed since, like Ben, it's a feature I never use in iTunes. But it turns out that it's a great feature for Aperture users,... read more

A Burg Workaround and a Tip

October 17 2007

This week I’m going to talk about a bug workaround and then give you a tip for using the Tint wheels. Recently I’ve been getting occasional black previews on images that had been successfully transferred from the CF card. Initially... read more

Are You Damaging Your Eyes

October 10 2007

Imagine waking up one day and realizing you can’t see right out of one or both your eyes. It would be pretty terrifying, right? But not likely to happen to you because bad eye trouble and loss of vision happens... read more

Getting Rid of Unwanted Managed JPEGs

September 26 2007

Two weeks ago, someone posed a seemingly straightforward question to Josh's blog; he asked how to remove unwanted JPEG files if you have managed projects that contain both RAW and JPEG versions but no longer need the JPEG files. Obviously... read more

Creating a Customized Metadata Template to Use on Import

September 05 2007

Back in the days of slides we all judiciously created little stick on labels with identifying information about an image as well as our contact information, and then carefully applied them to every slide before we sent them out. We... read more

To Generate Previews or Not

August 22 2007

When Aperture v1.5 was first released, I was sure that I wanted to generate previews for all my images. Being able to generate high res JPEGS for slide shows and share them with other iLife applications made sense and seemed... read more

Creating a Mirror Raid in a MacPro

August 08 2007

Every photographer knows how important it is to have backups of your digital files. I have an external RAID system that I've used for a couple of years to store my image files and important documents. When I saw that... read more

Creating a Dimensional Watermark

July 25 2007

Aperture makes it easy to add a copyright to your images by including an option to add a watermark when you establish presets. The problem is that the colors of generic watermarks are hidden in some images and clash with... read more

For More Detail Check the Histogram

July 11 2007

One of the most useful advantages of the digital evolution has been the histogram, but surprisingly few people know how to interpret them. Simply put, a histogram is a graph of the tonal values in an image - whatever they... read more

Memory Card Failures

June 13 2007

Sooner or later it happens to almost all digital photographers - at least all those who shoot a lot. You check some of the images in camera and they look good. You load the memory card into the reader and... read more

Creativity, Aperture, and the Straighten Tool

May 30 2007

One of my goals when I photograph is to go beyond the obvious and I'm sure that's true for most of you as well. I'm always seeking ways to do something just a little different. I'll twist into all sorts... read more

Equipment Lust

May 16 2007

Today I'm going to take a step back and share some thoughts about the process of our art rather than specific techniques. Photography attracts a lot of people who love gear (including me). Impassioned discussions of which is better, and... read more

Aperture Workshops

May 03 2007

If you're new to Aperture consider attending a two day workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops June 1 and 2, or Aug 31 and Sept 1. I'll be teaching two Aperture workshops in this beautifully equipped facility in Santa Fe,... read more

Emailing Offline Images

May 02 2007

When Aperture v1.5 was released I eagerly embraced a workflow using Referenced files. After all, I enjoy the freedom to periodically open images in other programs without exporting them, and being able to store images offline was a necessity given... read more

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