Noah Gift

Noah Gift

Chief Technical Officer

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San Francisco, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Technical Leadership
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Erlang
  • C#
  • F#
  • JQuery
  • Objective C
  • *NIX
  • Web Applications and Services
  • Film and Television Production and Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  • SNMP
  • Virtualization
  • Asset Management Systems
  • High Availability Queuing Systems
  • Google App Engine
  • Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  • Data Science
  • writing
Adaptable CTO with over 20 years experience in leadership and engineering, including P&L responsibility. I am also a data driven scientist that is comfortable using mathematical modeling to solve complex problems. I started my professional career at 18 years old by working at ABC Network News as a television editor and engineer for the national news. Since then I have worked as an author, software engineer, network engineer, video engineer, founded two companies, and led engineering at several companies. Received B.S. in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly S.L.O, M.S. in Computer Information Systems from C.S.U.L.A, and an MBA from UC Davis. Both of Master's degree have occurred while I have been employed full-time which has allowed me to figure out how to prioritize resource allocation under severe constraints.

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration Python for Unix and Linux System Administration
by Noah Gift, Jeremy Jones
August 2008
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

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Noah blogs at:

Python Web Frameworks Come Full Circle

June 17 2009

In the beginning.....Jim created Zope. On the seventh day....he created Bobo.... read more

Pylons Web Framework Gets New Website

January 28 2009

Just a small fyi, Pylons has a nice new website, and a dirt simple install procedure...just one line: curl | python - mydevenv... read more

Zine: Python Blogging Software by Armin Ronacher

January 12 2009

Attention, users of Blogging Software, like Word Press, there is now a serious Python competitor, Zine. The lead developer is Armin Ronacher, a wunderkind Python developer it seems, he is still in college, yet has written an amazing slew of... read more

Antipodean Python: Wellington, NZ PUG

December 22 2008

I recently moved down to Wellington, New Zealand, and was excited to learn that Python is very popular on this side of the world. A few of us on the NZPUG mailing list decided to arrange a meeting a local... read more

This Election Proved The Internet Can Change The World

November 05 2008

As I write this blog entry, America just found out it has a new President, Barack Obama. It was an emotional night for many people, including me, as much of my peer group huddled over streaming video of CNN election... read more

Google App Engine Gets HTTPS!

October 16 2008

I just got an email that HTTPS is available on Google App Engine now. This is absolutely huge for people that wanted to build commercial applications, or talk to third party APIs, such as Amazon S3. Great job Google! Jonathan... read more

Apocalyptically Underqualified: When Ignorance Can Be Fatal On The Job

October 13 2008

Like much of the civilized world, I have been watching in unpartisan horror, shock, and awe, at the Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin reveal how "Apocalyptically Underqualified" she is to assume the position as Vice President of the United... read more

Jeremy Allison From Samba Talks About Mentors

September 11 2008

In a previous post I mentioned how mentors have played in an important role in my life in both learning to code, and learning about life. One of my mentors, and one of the most underrated, unhyped Python gurus around, Shannon -jj Behrens sent me this blog post by Jeremy… read more

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"Perfect for Unix and Linux programmers and collections catering to them."
--Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"...a very helpful digest of many answers to common problems often encountered by sysadmins. The great benefit of all of their solutions is that they harness the power of Python to perform critical, complex tasks very easily and consistently. Like Thanos Vassilakis, a programmer for NYSE, if you know a sysadmin who spends too much time at work, chances are they could use Python and this book to reclaim their personal life. "
--Al Lukaszewski,

"This fabulous book will help you to read text files and extract information, run tasks using threading and forking options, get clickable GUI utilities, monitor large clusters of machines by interacting with SNMP programmatically, master the IPython shell...and much more."
--Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia

"If you are a Python advocate who is also responsible on occasion with managing your home or company computers, the book provides enough ideas and enthusiasm to jumpstart that currently manual system administrator task that begs to be automated."
--Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk

"If you are an administrator, project organizeer or data monkey (a term for system admins who push files in a digital video shop) you should check out this book. "
--Lee McKusick, Peninsula Linux Users' Group