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Sanders Kleinfeld

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Cambridge, Massachusetts

Areas of Expertise:

  • DocBook XML
  • XSLT
  • XPath
  • XQuery
  • RDF
  • EPUB
  • Mobi
  • HTML5
  • speaking
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Sanders Kleinfeld has been employed at O'Reilly Media since 2004 and has held a variety of positions, including roles on O'Reilly's Production, Editorial, and Tools teams. Currently, he works as a Publishing Technologies Specialist, maintaining O'Reilly's XML-based toolchain for generating EPUB and Mobi formats of both frontlist and backlist titles. He also helps coordinate O'Reilly's digital distribution efforts to electronic sales channels, and is currently assisting in R&D efforts surrounding HTML5 and EPUB 3, helping to develop next-generation ebook content for O'Reilly and its publishing partners. In his spare time, Sanders loves to read, but primarily print books.

HTML5 for Publishers HTML5 for Publishers
by Sanders Kleinfeld
October 2011
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HTML5 is the Future of Book Authorship

September 19 2013

In the past six years, the rise of the ebook has ushered in three successive revolutions that have roiled and reshaped the traditional publishing industry. Revolution #1 began in November in 2007, when Amazon released its first-generation eInk Kindle. As … read more

Printing Plastic Tchotchkes Was Fun, but MakerBot Was Just Too High-Maintenance

July 02 2013

I’ll never forget the day I first met MakerBot. It was August 1, 2012 when he*—a bright, shiny first-generation Replicator—arrived at our Cambridge, MA, office, greeted by screams of delight by a throng of fans. I must admit, I was … read more

O’Reilly’s journey to EPUB 3

February 07 2013

We at O’Reilly are very pleased to announce that we have officially upgraded to EPUB 3, and ebook bundles purchased from will now include EPUB 3 files, in addition to Mobi and PDF files. All O’Reilly ebooks released in … read more

A Kindle developer’s 2013 wishlist

December 02 2012

2012 was a good year for Kindle developers. With the unveiling of the first-generation Fire tablet in late 2011 and the release of the KF8 Mobi format in early 2012, designing beautiful ebooks for the Kindle platform became a reality. … read more

HTML5 for publishers: Drawing on the screen

November 15 2011

This excerpt from "HTML5 for Publishers" shows how a simple finger painting canvas can be added to an HTML5-based children's book read more

One Laptop Per Learner

November 26 2008

Nicholas Negroponte's incredible, buzzworthy nonprofit, one laptop per child, whose goal is to supply free, energy-efficient laptop computers to all children in the developing world, is having a special 2007 holiday promotion: Give One. Get One. If you donate a... read more

Your very own mail-order cylon

November 26 2008

The lede from from a Computerworld article from Saturday: An artificial intelligence researcher predicts that robotics will make such dramatic advances in the coming years that humans will be marrying robots by the year 2050. Robots will become so human-like... read more

Yay for teh Internets :-)

November 26 2008

Technology is turning us into morons. David Brooks of the New York Times says so in this fabulous, tragicomic column, and he's right. OK, actually to be more accurate and less sensational (because that's what blogging's all about), he merely... read more

Joining the (mental) gym

November 26 2008

Yes, I know you Head First readers are way more in shape and buff than me (it wouldn't be hard, trust me), and you've got the Gold/Platinum/Plutonium Plan at your local gym to prove it. But apparently these days, that's... read more

How do you like your learning?

November 26 2008

At Head First, we know that learning styles vary widely from person to person, which is why we use multiple presentation styles to teach each concept: diagrams for visual learners, dialogues for aural learners, exercises for people who tend to... read more

Music and the Brain

November 26 2008

This month's Wired has a fascinating interview with Oliver Sacks, whose new book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain is a series of case studies that explore the role music plays in our mental lives. One of the things... read more

Your brain on politics

November 26 2008

As presidential primary season gets under way in the U.S. and voters begin to align their loyalties with their candidate of choice, here's an interesting hypothesis to ponder: what if our political leanings are ingrained in our brain chemistry?... read more

HF JavaScript: Learn outside the book

November 26 2008

We know the Head First series offers some of the most interactive tech books around, but there are limits to what we can feasibly do within the confines of the printed page. Much as we'd like to, we can't engage... read more

HF Books and Reference Books

November 26 2008

I recently received an email from a Head First reader suggesting we consider creating supplemental Head First reference books for the existing titles in the series: materials that would presumably provide a summary/recap of key concepts and skills covered in... read more

Agile development and PMP

November 26 2008

Andrew Stellman (co-author of Head First PMP and Head First C#) has a great post on his and Jennifer Greene's blog Building Better Software, where he tackles some JavaRanch reader questions about how Agile development processes mesh/conflict with PMP® practices... read more

Right- and left-brained learning

November 26 2008

In Head First Land, we aim to provide "learning for the way your brain works." Sounds good, right? We know how your brain works. But the dirty little secret is that we really have no idea how your brain works.... read more

A Head First-y Reading List

November 26 2008

Since you're currently reading the Head First blog, it's probably a fairly safe bet that you're eagerly awaiting the release of one or more of our holiday titles: Head First C#, Head First JavaScript, and Head First Software Development. But... read more

The Multitasking Mind

November 26 2008

Novelist Walter Kirn recently wrote an extremely insightful, extremely hysterical piece in The Atlantic on the effects of a 21st-century, electronic-gadget-glut-enabled multitasking culture on our beleaguered Pleistocene brains. It's a long read, but well worth it. And I highly recommend... read more

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Webcast: HTML5 for Publishers
December 14, 2011
HTML5 for Publishers gives an overview of some of the most exciting features HTML5 provides to ebook content creators--audio/video, geolocation, and the Canvas--and shows how to put them in action.