Bonnie Roskes

Bonnie Roskes

SketchUp expert

washington, District Of Columbia

Areas of Expertise:

  • 3d modeling
  • geometry
  • training
  • consulting
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Bonnie Roskes is the founder of 3DVinci, a company that provides 3D design training for all ages and stages. Her books for design pros on SketchUp, Piranesi, and OneCNC have attracted a loyal following, and her SketchUp project books for kids K-12 are making 3D modeling and geometry accessible and fun for teachers, parents, and kids. Bonnie's practical, hands-on focus is based in her education in structural engineering and years of experience in bridge design.

Google SketchUp Cookbook Google SketchUp Cookbook
by Bonnie Roskes
March 2009
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

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Visualizer for SketchUp

June 06 2014

There are so many applications out there that create photorealistic renderings of SketchUp models; it's nearly impossible to know them all. And these apps can vary greatly in price as well as learning curve.I was asked recently to review a very simple renderer for SketchUp called Visualizer, which is a… read more

Sketchy Physics and SketchUp 8

May 08 2014

I wrote a book a while back (which has been updated recently) on how to use Sketchy Physics, the hands-down coolest plugin for SketchUp. Sketchy Physics enables you to assign physical properties to SketchUp objects, so that they can move, crash, fall, roll, bounce, you name it.Today I'm releasing the… read more

At the USA Science and Engineering Festival

April 28 2014

This past weekend I worked in the SketchUp book at the amazing USA Science and Engineering Festival, in my own town of Washington, DC. I heard that 250,000 were expected to attend, and that that number was actually exceeded. It's by far the biggest show I ever saw, with five… read more

New Specialty Book: Modeling with SketchUp for Interior Design

April 09 2014

The second book in the SketchUp Specialities Series is now officially released! (The first book is Modeling with SketchUp for 3D Printing.) Drum roll....Modeling with SketchUp for Interior DesignThis book is an updated version of the book I wrote for Pearson Press back in 2011, when SketchUp 8 was current.… read more

Math is Beautiful

April 04 2014

Like pretty pictures? I got these from Cye Waldman, a retired engineer who's been doing mathematical modeling for over 40 years. The images below weren't created in SketchUp (he uses Matlab), but he just got one of my books to learn how to make them in SketchUp.Here are some of… read more

Get the 3D Printing Models from my Book

March 28 2014

Thanks for the great feedback on the new 3D printing book - so far it seems to be a hit!  I've put many of the models from the book online for anyone to download for free. (Though of course the idea is for you to use the book to learn… read more

Modeling with SketchUp for 3D Printing - Book is Out!

March 17 2014

Drum roll.... after several months of writing and printing and printing and writing some more, the 3D printing book is finished! Here it is:The projects in this book demonstrate tools, techniques, and the essential plugins you'll need to design and print fabulous models you can actually hold in your hand.… read more

Webcast: Showing Off Your Models: Presentations in Google SketchUp
May 14, 2009
Google SketchUp is a free and powerful 3D modeling application, and it's easy to start right away and quickly create impressive models. If you already know how to create a basic model, this webcast can help get your models to the next level.